Saturday, April 5, 2008

The End is FINALLY Here

In December I thought this day was never going to come. It's been a painful season filled with too much diappointment and I am so relieved that it is finally coming to an end.

Check back throughout the day as I blog about the Kings Season Finale against the Ducks.

YES! David Gaines with the National Anthem. We are definitely winning the game.

Oh shiiiiiiit. Dan cloutier is in net. Scratch that last thought...we're losing today. Yep, Marc Crawford hates LA.

Mick McGeough's last game is today. Maybe we'll have several fights and give him a game to remember.

First Period
The Kings goal came from Dustin Brown who held onto the puck till Kopitar and the Ducks defenseman screened Giguere. As Kopitar skated by Giguere his skate made contact with Jiggy's stick so of course he went nuts at the ref expecting an interference call. The period was going well for the Kings till the last minute when the Ducks got two goals in 8 seconds. There was a spectacular turnover at the blueline by Klemm which allowed Selanne to tear through the zone and ripped off a shot that whizzed by Cloutier.

The first intermission interview was with Scott Thornton who I guess is retiring after today. The training staff and teammates (mainly Derek Armstrong and Brian Willsie) made a shirt for him with the following on the back:

Games played

Points scored

Visits to the bar

"Thorty" as a teammate

Second Period
Dean Lombardi joined Bob and Jim during part of the second period and talked about the Kings, present and future. The Ducks notched one goal and the Kings tallied two to keep the score tied at the end of the period.

Third Period
The Ducks went ahead in the third period and the Kings failed send the game into OT.

Yeah, my game diary shows just how much excitement I showed while watching this game.

Now the Kings will wait till tonight to find if they finished last or 29th. Tampa Bay has to earn at least one point in order to place 29th because right now the Kings and TB are tied in points but the Kings have more wins. I'm not too concerned about where the Kings place since the 30th place team isn't guaranteed the #1 pick. I have no idea what Lombardi will do in the Draft. If we do pick Stamkos I'm wondering if he'll trade a young forward prospect in order to pick up a young but qualified defenseman.

I'm also curious to see if Crawford will be fired. I'm 50-50 on this topic. The team can't get any worse under his reign, right?

This should be an interesting off-season.

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Kirsten said...

You wanna talk about finally, finally McGeough is retiring.

It was a good season for me. I decided to make them my West coast team, I cheered for them even though they sucked, and I got a Kings shirt. I'm used to bad teams, having grown up in Minnesota with the Twins of the 90's after the pennant, the Timberwolves, Vikings, etc. We never have good teams.