Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dallas 4, Daisy Duck 0

Dallas shat all over the Ducks, which makes me a very happy panda.

Dallas not only shut out the Ducks but scored every single goal on the Power Play.

It's about time a team made the Ducks pay for their f'ing goonery.

If you haven't already (and I doubt you have) check out my Ducks/Dallas playoff preview at SportsHubLA. I honestly tried to be as objective as possible....I mean c'mon, who outside of the OC (don't call it that) is actually rooting for the Ducks? And don't forget to read the comments...they're as close to hate comments as I've received. Yay!

And one more Yay! for the Dallas win.


CKim said...

This was a fantastic game!!

I call it the OC just to mock and annoy. =)

I wouldn't call it "hate comments," more like that one dude is retarded. Way to NOT read the article all the way through before you comment, moron.

KMS2 said...

You need to see Arrested Development to fully understand:

"...The OC..."

"..don't call it that"

I have to agree with you that Commenter #3 probably didn't see my prediction. I wanted to write "Dude, I'm with you! Dallas over Ducks!" But I didn't want to also explain that while Brett Hull was a fantastic Canadian/American born player, it doesn't exclude him from being a total douchebag. I liked Hull as a player, can't stand him as a retiree. And it wasn't as if I was preaching that the goal didn't count, I just said that it was hilarious watching Hull and Ferraro bicker about it.

kambrothers said...

But I do believe they call it "The OC" in the British section of Orange County.

KMS2 said...

Haha, oh you mean, "Wee Britain"?

Funny story:
When I watched the episode where they first introduce Wee Britain, my fiance (who is not from CA) asked me if it really existed. I couldn't stop laughing and I still bring it up every now and then to annoy him.

Kirsten said...

Hahaha, eat shit, Ducks! I'm so happy they lost, and lost badly. Nothing would make me happier than watching FCP make a first round exit, even if it means I have to suck it up and cheer for the Stars.