Thursday, April 24, 2008

Second Round Predictions!

I was 4 for 8 in my first round predictions. Not too shabby, although I bet my dead kitty could have done better.

Here are my Second Round Predictions!
I think 4 of the 5 remaining series will be very close and a complete crap shoot as to which team will win. The only series I think will be handily won is the Pittsburgh/NY series. I don't expect Pitt to sweep again but I think they'll look like the better team throughout the entire series even if they don't win every game.

Eastern Conference
(1) Montreal v. (6) Philadelphia
Philly in 7

(2) Pittsburgh v. (5) New York
Pittsburgh in 6

Western Conference
(1) Detroit v. (6) Colorado
Detroit in 7

(3) San Jose v. (5) Dallas
Dallas in 6

I originally picked Montreal to win the Cup, but I've changed my mind after watching Philly play. I think we could be looking at a Dallas/Philly Cup Finals. That would be quite awesome.


Kirsten said...

That pick makes me sad. I really, really want the Habs to win.

I agree with all the other picks, though.

Chris (KingsCast) said...

I think the Avs still take it. Even after Game 1.

k.m.stiles said...

I didn't watch the games today but I'm still sticking with my pics. I do want the Habs to win and it's too bad things didn't work out for the Habs and Philly to play in the EC Finals. I also think it would be great for the league if a Canadien team finally won the Cup again.

I'm sure the Avs will bounce back and put up even more of a fight than Nashville. If the Avs had Roy, then I would have picked them to win.

Kirsten said...

So much for the Avs putting up a fight. Detroit is either really, really damn good, or the Hockey Gods just hate me that much.