Friday, April 4, 2008

April 3rd: Kings 4, Sharks 2...haha!

I couldn't believe it when Bob Miller said the Sharks were on a 20-game points streak and that they hadn't lost in regulation since February 20th. WTF!? I loved it when Jimmy Fox immediately jokingly questioned why the Kings couldn't go on a similar run.

Anyhoo, the Kings had a great game even though they allowed a goal 36 seconds into the game. Ersberg redeemed himself and netted another win. He'll be an RFA this weekend so it'll be interesting to see if the Kings re-sign and/or if another team extends him an offer. It might be in the Kings' favor that he's only played in 14 games (13 starts) because other teams may question whether or not he's ready for a full NHL season. I'm not ready yet to call him the number one for next season but he's definitely helped give the Kings some stability and confidence (when they decide to play and muster more than 10 shots per game). We have so many goalies in the system, several of which have garnered a lot of attention, so I'm interested in seeing what those kids can do. Training camp should be exciting...too bad I have to wait so long.

I'm wondering if last night's loss is just the beginning of the Sharks downfall...I really hope it is.


Kirsten said...

HAHA! Awesome. I hope it is the downfall of the Sharks also.

I tried the mascara that you suggested, and it's amazing. I owe you one!

KMS2 said...

Glad you like the mascara! I still love it.

Kirsten said...

It even passes the "I live in Oregon and it rains all the fucking time" test.