Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Boredom Enduced Post No. 1

The off-season is killing me. The new series "Boredom Enduced Posts" will include one fun hockey fact (hopefully from something that occured during the off-season) and one or more non-hockey items.

Hockey (not so) Fun Fact:
Avery was awarded $1.9 million by the arbitrator, which is almost exactly smack dab in the middle of Avery's request and the Rangers' previous offer. The arbitrator probably had no idea what to do and after coming to terms with the fact neither party is the lesser evil, finally decided to just pick a number in the middle but a number that was less than $2 million, because we all know Aves isn't worth the 2.

Fun Non-Hockey Item of the Day:
From which TV show is the following quote:
"Mr. Broadway has to go tinkle? That has to be the gayest sentence ever uttered."

I almost completely forgot that tomorrow, August 2nd, is the date of Cammalleri's arbitration hearing.

What I expect to read in the papers tomorrow: No news at all.

Things I don't expect to read: DL and the rest of the Kings management stabbing Cammy in the back with a rusted, dull knife, claiming that he was completely useless and an utter embarrassment to the organization.

My prediction of the results: Arbitrator awards Cammy (my dear) a $4 million one-year contract and the Kings immediately sign him.

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