Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fantasy Football

This might be the first post about a sport other than hockey. I have some ideas for posts but have been struggling with actually writing them so you'll have to deal with non-Kings news for a little longer.

This football season is the first time I'll be playing Fantasy Football. The only reason I decided to participate is because I'm doing really well (so far, keep your fingers crossed!) in a Fantasy Baseball league, another sport I don't care about. The other players in my league are college friends and friends of them. Yesterday was the draft and since I couldn't make it I was on Auto-Draft. When I got home and looked at the team that Yahoo! selected for me, my stomach sank when I saw that I got stuck with Brett Favre. Brett Favre!! Isn't he practically retired?! Sure, if my team was based on Squee points then I would definitely win, but can the old man still throw a football??

When the BF came home I told him about my unfortunate draft (based solely on seeing Brett Favre on my team) and showed him my team. He was absolutely floored that I have a team this good from an auto-draft. He immediately emailed all of his friends in his Fantasy league to tell them who was on my team and practially threatened me by saying, "You better get first place in your league" (or else...what, you'll break up with me??)

Here's my team: (maybe tomorrow I'll compare my team to the others in my league based on Squeeness and see who wins)
QB1: Matt Hasselbeck
WR1: Terrell Owens
WR2: Marques Colston (the BF has a major mancrush on him)
RB1: Frank Gore
RB2: Rudi Johnson
TE1: Chris Cooley
W/T: Randy Moss
W/R: Marshawn Lynch
Kicker: Adam Vinatieri
Defense: Miami

Other players (or, I guess, second string):
Julius Jones
DeShaun Foster
DJ Hackett
Greg Jennings
Brett Favre
Anthony Thomas

You be the judge. How good is my team?


Shmee said...

I dont know much about football (although I definitely am sqeeing over Brett) but kick some fantasy ass!

Kirsten said...

Brett Farve is ICKY! Sorry, I'm from Minnesota. I can't help but say that.

KMS2 said...

Shmee: Hopefully I'll do well in my league despite my lack of football knowledge. But at least the BF is a football fan so he'll be able to let me know if I should drop or pick up anybody.

Kirsten: If you're from MN I guess it's okay that you're not a Brett Favre fan. I just think he seems so dreamy!

Kirsten said...

To each their own, but I'd be thrown out and have my citizenship pulled if I said anything nice about him.

Sounds like the autodraft loves you. I hope you don't put your fantasy hockey team on autodraft...

Silencer76 said...

lol your team is pretty solid.

Gore and Johnson are both 1400 yard rushers, provided Gore can avoid the injury bug. Marshawn Lynch will be the feature back in Buffalo, and you have him handcuffed by having Thomas, which is his backup.

Hasselbeck is decent, Favre has one year left. Colston was a 1000 yard receiver as a 7th round pick last year and will be the #1 in New Orleans, Randy Moss will be stellar if he doesn't whine like a 3 year old. The weak point is Miami's defense...I don't like them.

KMS2 said...

Kirsten: autodraft definitely loves me. But I would NEVER use autodraft for hockey.

silencer: glad to hear you think my team is good. All last season the BF kept thinking that saying Colston's name would jinx the way he was playing so the entire season he kept calling him, "the 9th round pick out of Hofstra!" Needless to say it got quite annoying but now I actually know who he is.