Monday, August 6, 2007

Cammy (my dear) is BACK!!!

A great day just got better after I received an email from Let's Go Kings announcing the return of Michael Cammalleri. I figured that the LA Times (LAT) must have reported this wonderful news and I was correct: Kings' Cammalleri Loses Arbitration. "Cammalleri loses arbitration?" I asked myself. "Why, what did he ask for? And what did the Kings offer?" I continued to wonder. According to the LAT, Cammalleri, get this, are you ready? allegedly asked for $6 million per year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!!!?!?!?!

I called it, I f'ing called: Cammalleri is really a greedy little bastard at heart! After signing him last offseason to a one-year $1.6 million contract, apparently this offseason the Kings originally offered him $2.6 million, which was rejected by Cammalleri and his agent.

So what did Cammalleri receive from the arbitrator? Well, first, let's go back to what I predicted he would be awarded:

According to
my July 6th post titled "Somewhat Nervous" I predicted that DL should have offered Cammalleri a "3-year contract paying him $3 million this coming season , $3.5 million the next season, and $4 million the year after that", to which of course Cammalleri would have gladly accepted. But, seeing that DL is far from Slats, Cammalleri had to embarrass himself and ask for Gomer money. Instead of the $6 million he originally requested, Cammalleri will now be playing the next two seasons with the Kings while making $3.1 million this season and $3.6 million next season. Oh, what is that? I was off by $0.1 million per season????? Oh, that's right, I was so f'ing close because I am so f'ing awesome!! After I told the BF why I am so amazing he asked me when the Kings were going to recognize me as an official team blogger and give me press passes, to which I said, "NEVER!" because I can't seem to stray from the shit talking of a certain Kings player named John Zeiler (stay tuned later in the week for more shit talking).

Can I just proclaim my short-term love for DL? He sealed the deal when he was quoted as saying,

"The challenge for [Cammalleri] and the team is to go to another level. He had a good year last year, but it's one year and the team still has not had success."

Oh my goodness, I'm drunk and DL just won my heart. Also, like I told the BF, now that Cammy (my dear) will be with the Kings for at least the next two seasons, I can continue my stalking efforts in Hermosa Beach. That's right Cammy, I know where you live! (I think....) so be prepared for the signs outside your house that say, "WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN GREEDY?!"


Schnookie said...

Wow, kms2 -- you are a prescient genius! I wait with bated breath for the announcement of your status as Official Team Blogger, because unkind things to say or no, you are clearly tapped in to your team!

KMS2 said...

Thanks, Schnookie! I check my email every hour patiently waiting for the Official Team Blogger invite letter ;)