Monday, August 20, 2007


Is it sad that one of my goals in life is to one day be a season ticket holder to the Kings? While I could probably purchase the cheapest season tickets package and squeak by on daily expenses, it wouldn’t be the rational thing to do at this point in my life. Without getting too personal the main reason why purchasing season tickets for the upcoming season is not rational is because I don’t work close to Staples Center; driving to games on the weekday straight from work would take me over an hour. Factor in a +30 min drive home and I’ll become a walking zombie at work for the entire hockey season. Not exactly something that would be good for my career.

The Kings posted the
ticket prices for the upcoming season. I really wish the Kings organization would let buyers pick the games they want to attend when purchasing a mini-pack plan because I would definitely do that. If I had it my way, I would purchase 6 games all held on the weekend; but no, of course that’s not an option.

I looked at the
season ticket packages just to see what it would set me back if I decide in the near future to be a season ticket holder. At this stage in my life (and probably for the next 2-5 years) I would probably settle for the $12/game package. I thought the full amount would be due at the time of purchase, which is another reason I would not want to purchase season tickets. However, I quickly found out that you can make 8 monthly payments! Woah…things just got a whole lot more financially feasible! I couldn’t believe how “cheap” season tickets appeared to be when you looked at the price based on monthly payments. The $12/game package would cost me $126/month for two tickets per game. That’s it? I make that amount in [fill in the blank] hours at work! At that rate I could probably reasonably afford the next highest ticket price.

I thought season ticket holders get reduced parking, but based on
this map, I’m not so sure anymore. Four of the eight lots are already sold out and the cheapest is $12/game which is a rip-off considering where it’s located. In case you’re wondering, last season there was a $10 lot located on Figueroa just south of Pico Blvd, just across from the Convention Center. A couple times there was another lot located adjacent to the $10 lot that was only $8. The only time these lots weren’t this cheap was during the LA Marathon weekend when the $8 lot wasn’t open and the $10 lot was either $15 or $20 (I was super pissed!). Even though you do have to walk through Downtown, passing by one homeless person or two or three, it really isn’t that shady if you park on Figueroa near the Convention Center because so many fans are around you. Question: How much do other fans pay for parking??

Regardless of parking costs, season ticket holders do receive other benefits that others do not and I guess it just depends on how much you value those other “incentives”. Now that I know how much season tickets will cost me on a monthly basis, I’ll seriously consider purchasing them once I live and/or work closer to Staples Center. Oooh, I can’t wait for that day to come!


Shmee said...

Ouch! I dont know if I would have season tix to the Caps if they werent a short metro ride away.

And getting season tix is a really worthy goal, especially because you have so many added expenses like parking, gas, etc. The only reason I have mine is that I ate beans and ramen for two months.

KMS2 said...

Yeah, parking and food could really drive up the total cost of being a season ticket holder. But I imagine that most Kings season ticket holders don't live within an easy drive, walk, or bus/metro ride away; another price we pay for being a Kings fan!

Margee said...

I think it's a worthy goal. I had an argument with my mom the other day because I said a guy could propose to me with Isles season tickets and I'd be just as happy as if it were a ring. I agree that you should keep the dream alive with that one.

KMS2 said...

Holy crap, that is the best idea EVER!! I'd probably lose the ring anyway.

Bitchany said...

If I want the ring does that make me less of a hockey fan? But, parking isn't that bad in Columbus...right across from the Arena is $15...not too bad. I love it.

KMS2 said...

No, Bethany, not at all. I think the guy would probably prefer to buy a ring since you would be able to show it off for years instead of him explaining, "No, I did propose to her, it's just that instead of a ring, I proposed to her with season tickets as she had asked."

Heather B. said...

Season tickets - that's our dream! When we get them, we'll know we've finally arrived.

Those prepackaged mini-packs seem to be popular. I had no idea. In Buffalo you can choose your games. (Although they're actually trying to get rid of mini-packs completely, I think. This season they were only offered to people who had them last season.)

KMS2 said...

Heather B: Once I get season tix then I'll know I finally made it, too!! When I was younger it always seemed like such a far off dream. I can't believe Sabres mini-packs are going away. I wonder if teams lose money over them. I just wish the Kings would let me choose which games I want to attend but I guess they figured if people did then they would always want to attend weekend games or the popular ones.