Thursday, August 2, 2007

Boredom Enduced Post No. 2

Hockey Facts:
  1. As 99.99% of the hockey fanbase predicted, Dustin Pennersquee is now an Oiler since Burke decided to take the draft picks and run towards another Cup run in the near future. Three draft picks from the Oilers in the 2008 Draft? That is just sick.
  2. As I predicted in yesterday's post (see below), all day today I perused various sports websites and blogs and came across exactly zero articles concerning Cammalleri's arbitration hearing. The lack of news means that (a) the Kings and Cammy (my dear) did not come to a contract agreement before the hearing and (b) as I had easily predicted, DL did not come out guns ablazing at Cammy.
  3. At 8:25 pm (PDT), the LA Times finally posted an article about the arbitration hearing. Nothing too earth shattering was mentioned in the article. A couple key notes are (a) DL said that an offer was made to Cammy pre-arbitration but was not accepted and (b) DL said that he made a point to try to talk to Cammy post-arbitration explaining to the LAT, "You're trying to say to Mike, 'This isn't about trying to stick it to Mike Cammalleri.' It's about trying to manage payroll." The Kings are well under the cap this season but potential hefty raises loom in the near future for the likes of Kopi, JMFJ, and Frolo. I don't blame DL for trying to be conservative right now because it's comforting as a fan to know that he is planning for the future.

(Not so) Fun Non-Hockey Fact of the Day:

I've been to three different Ralphs, all within a 3 mile radius from where I live, frantically searching for a pint of Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream. None of the three Ralphs carry the new flavor, although really, is it still considered 'new'? Today I stopped by a fourth Ralphs, this one about 5 miles from my apartment, and as I was walking along the back of the store, near the dairy and meat sections, I saw a Ben & Jerry's ice cream bin with a sign that was advertising "Americone Dream: NEW FLAVOR". I ran over to the bin and preceded to knock over pint after pint as I dug through the bin. As I finally realized that Americone Dream was not in the B&J bin, my sadness turned into rage: "Fuck You, Ice Cream Bin! Yeah, that's right, Fuck You, Cherry Garcia!" (No, seriously, this was going on in my head.) I stormed down the ice cream aisle, almost knocking over a 5-year old girl who was picking out a no-name brand of ice-cream, and found the regularly stocked shelves of B&J's. I carefully read every single B&J label only to discover that this Ralphs does not carry Americone Dream. Why does my local store hate me? My local Wild Oats doesn't carry the flavor either. Trader Joe's doesn't carry B&J at all. The only stores left for me to scavenge are ghetto Albertsons, nicer Albertsons, Pavilions (too pricey for me), Bristol Farms (way too pricey for me), and Vons (although I'm not quite sure where exactly it's located). Basically, life sucks right now.


Isleschick said...

Yeah, apparently they lied about that 48 hour thing with Cammalleri.

KMS2 said...

Yeah, no kidding! I guess those arbitrators don't work on the weekend. Boo!