Friday, August 24, 2007

The Cutting Edge

The other night I watched The Cutting Edge. I loved this movie when I was younger, probably because it included a couple clips of hockey and I thought DB Sweeney was just so damn cute with his accent and blue-collar good looks. Can't remember my name the next morning? That's ok, you're DB Sweeney! I won't throw shit at your head while you're running out the door shirtless with your huge hockey bag hanging off your shoulder making you look like a real tough man. Ahh, those were the good ol' days of DB Sweeney. Then I saw him on an episode of House this past season and thought, "Wow, what happened? Maybe it's just the character and not really him in real life."

One character I was surprised to see was the father. It took me one too many scenes to figure out why I recognized him but as soon as I did I thought, "
John Locke, I'm surprised you haven't beat some good manners into your bitchy daughter yet. Kick her to the curb, you deserve better!!" Terry O'Quinn looked slightly creepy and odd with darker hair, younger looks, and a "I'm-too-rich-for-my-own-good" moustache, but it was nice seeing him in this movie.

Next hockey movie to watch:
Mystery, Alaska


Kirsten said...

Mystery, Alaska is a good movie! I think you'll enjoy it. My favourite character is...oh wait, can't spoil the movie. Be sure and post when you are done watching!

KMS2 said...

Mystery, Alaska is one of the few hockey movies I've never seen so I'm looking forward to seeing it. Glad you didn't spoil anything for me! ;)

Tracy said...

I will tell you my favorite without spoiling. I LOVE TREE!! Oh... and watch for the court scene. It has my favorite speech ever, I yell along with it every time I watch. :)

Heather B. said...

I've never seen Cutting Edge but I may have to now just to see Locke with hair and a mustache. The movie has been on my "need to see" list for while but they have just kicked it to the top.

Schnookie said...




If it were my choice, I'd just skip "Mystery, Alaska" (which really, really disappointed me, and I happen to believe Russell Crowe can do no wrong) and watch "The Cutting Edge" again. ;)

Kirsten said...

That's totally what I was going to say. I LOVE TREE TOO!

Bitchany said...

I LOVE MYSTERY, ALASKA!! The Cutting Edge made me'll have to let me know what you think.

KMS2 said...

Jeez ladies, I think I should quit writing about the Kings and just start writing hockey movie reviews.

Tracy: I have no idea what you're talking about, but I'll keep "Tree" in mind.

Heather B: I thought it was a bit off-putting seeing John Locke not being John Locke, but then it became kind of funny and I started saying to myself, "Oh, John Locke, you're such a push-over! I wish you were my rich dad"

Schnookie: You are the first person I know who doesn't like Mystery, Alaska. When I first saw the previews of the movie I thought it was so ridiculous and stupid which is why I never watched it.

Kirsten: ok, I'll definitely keep "Tree" in mind. I'm really confused so hopefully I'll know exactly what you and Tracy are talking about.

Bitchany: I'll definitely write a post about my opinion of Mystery, Alaska. I keep hoping that HBO will show it so I won't have to spend the money to rent it but I'll probably end up renting it next weekend.

Jordi said...

I'll admit, DB Sweeney was awesome in the movie. Too bad his post movie hotness diminished.

I'm not the biggest fan of Mystery but it's still good. I think Russel Crowe is a douche but Hank Azaria is a favourite in our house.