Monday, October 18, 2010

Fantasy Hockey: Week 1

I'm playing in two fantasy hockey leagues this year.  One is the Annual HLOG Fantasy League made up of fabulous female managers and the other is the Annual IPB Superleague, in which each manager can only draft players who play in the conference opposite his or her favorite team's conference.  Both leagues had an auto-draft and I've made very few transactions since the draft due to the limited selection of available players.  Since only my pride is at stake in both leagues my goal this year is to just keep up with the leagues and not completely give up or forget that I'm still playing fantasy hockey in February.

IPB Super League Fantasy League
Team Name: Kill Jack Kill
Week 1 Opponent: China Doll Cheeks
Result: 0-13

I got absolutely destroyed this week!!! WTF!  I knew I was in trouble immediately after the auto-draft when I discovered that my two goaltenders are the incredibly good looking Carey 'not the solution' Price and Jonas Gustavsson, whom I'm not even convinced is the starting goaltender for the Leafs.  My opponent has Timmy Thomas, who so far has done a good job of trying to secure the number one spot.

Most of the categories were pretty close so I'm hopeful that I'll have success in the coming weeks.  The two categories that I was far behind in were shots on goal and penalties in minutes.  I guess my team is made up of a bunch of gentlemen because 8 players didn't record a single PIM.

The only change I would like to make is in goal.  However, I don't have many options right now so I may have to hope for a temporary minor injury to J.S. Giguere so that Gustavsson can get some playing time.  There are a couple Eastern Conference goaltenders that I could pick up who have played more games than Gustavsson and worth a spot on my "Watch List": Brent Johnson (PIT), Pretty Ricky (NYI), Brian Boucher (PHI) and Mike Smith (TB).  I'll keep a close eye on these guys this week to see if it's worth adding one to my team.

Check out my awesome goaltenders
HLOG Fantasy League
Team Name: Me Want Food
Opponent: Screaming Heathens
Result: 2-9

Like in my other league I'm helpless in goal.  I picked up Khabibulin before the start of the season because I had to unload Michael Leighton who is already injured.  Semyon Varlamov was also injured, but at the time I didn't see any other worthy goaltenders so I just stuck him on IR.  The Flower is sucking pretty hard, but I don't want to give up on him.  But after looking at the available goaltenders I decided to shake up my lineup!! Out are Khabibulin and Varlamov and in is J.S. maybe I don't want him to get injured.

I'm pretty embarrassed that my team finished '-9' this week, but I don't expect Rick Nash and Teemu Selanne to each finish '-3' in a typical week.  I'm a little upset that I didn't win the PIM category because all my players pitched in to collect 40 PIM this week.  But, there's not a whole lot you can do when Corey Perry decides to be a total dick and get 27 PIM in one week.  What an asshat.  I'm really glad he's an Anaheim Duck because it gives me even more reason to hate that team.

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