Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fantasy Hockey: Week 2

I'm still dead last in the IPB Superleague, but I'm slowly gaining ground in the HLOG Fantasy  League.

IPB Super League Fantasy League
Team Name: Kill Jack Kill
Week 1 Opponent: Elias Sports Bureau
Result: 7-7

Thank you Ilya Kovalchuk for getting yourself benched one game and only recording 1 lousy goal last week.  I hope you had fun bathing in your millions of gold coins while watching your teammates get trounced by Buffalo.  And Kimmo  Right now he's pretty much a liability on my team, but at least this league counts SOG because he's getting a ton of shots on net.  I thought about dropping him, but I think it's too early to give up on him.  One or two more weeks of this shit and he's  gone.  At least Victor Hedman got 5 assists!

Deal of the week: One of the managers must have read my blog because I was offered a trade last week!  JS Giguere for John Tavares.  I was dying to unload Jonas Gustavsson so I figured it was a decent trade.  As soon as the trade cleared I dropped the deadweight and picked up Mark Letestu at the end of the week to fill the extra center position.   Never heard of the guy but he had the best stats at the time and I'm a sucker for short term potential.

HLOG Fantasy League
Team Name: Me Want Food
Opponent: Bethany's Bitches
Result: 8-0!  I cleaned up this week.

Two words: Steve Stamkos.  The only thing he didn't do last week was get a short handed point.

I'm really looking forward to going to the LA/Tampa Bay game Nov. 4th.  I also got really lucky that Antti "Oh-No" Niemi had horrendous statistics last week.  Right now Chicago is looking pretty good for walking away from him.

Transaction of the week: I dropped Nikita Filatov.  He just wasn't doing it for me.  I picked up Tomas Kopecky, who promptly got injured so he did jack squat last week.  But as the Blackhawks figure things out I think Kopecky's stats will be better over the long run compared to Filatov who doesn't have much to work with in Columbus.

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