Saturday, April 16, 2011

Game 2 - Zeiler OUT, Moller In

The Hockey Gods must be LA Kings fans because late Friday night it was revealed that John Zeiler will not be re-called by the Kings because of waiver requirements.  THANK GOD!! 

I really like Dean Lombardi and Ron Hextall, but I seriously question their judgement of Zeiler.  He's an "energy" guy with limited skill (sidenote: I hate the term "energy" guy).  He's perfect if the goal of every shift is to hit as many players as possible and rile up the team and your fans.  The problem is, this the fucking playoffs, and the Kings have Dustin Brown, Matt Green, and Kyle Clifford the Big Red Dog, to deliver huge checks and still be effective offensively and defensively.  I bet Zeiler worships Kyle Clifford, who is exactly the type of player Zeiler should be.  But he's not.  He doesn't even come close.  Clifford is a scary looking dude, a Ducks fan I know called him, with a jealous twinge in his voice, "a beast", and as the season progressed, so did his skills, which were apparent in Game 1 when he almost won the game!  

Zeiler, on the other hand, is a fucking liability in the playoffs, just like Kevin Westgarth.  Did you see that one shift when the Sharks were in the Kings' zone for what seemed like eternity and it looked like the Sharks were on the power play?  Westgarth looked lost on the ice as he tried to figure out how to play in a penalty kill scenario, Dustin Penner looked gassed because he's fat, and Trevor Lewis did his best to show his linemates how to play defense.  

You have to feel bad for Oscar Moller, who has to know he's only in the lineup because of an administrative technicality.  He's bite size and will look even smaller against the Sharks.  He's not that affective fighting for pucks along the boards, but if he plays on a line where other guys can do that, then he should be able to use speed and make Kyle Wellwood look like a lazy piece of fat shit again.  C'mon Oscie boy, prove management wrong and convince them you should be in Game 3 and not Westgarth.

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