Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Game 6 Review Part I

The Kings are 0 for 2 in playoff series when The Briggs perform at home games.  Superstitious much?  Yes.

They're just taking up seats!  What a disgrace.

Do not ever allow The Briggs to perform at home playoff games.  This isn't Nashville.  We don't need live music before and during games.  We don't need a live faux punk band attempting to pump up the crowd.

Better Solution:
Do not ever play The Briggs song "This is LA" in relation to anything Kings related.  Also, get a new freaking team motto.  I'm sick and tired of seeing Pride = Passion = Power.


A. Wongsby said...

Completely agree. I would have also liked them to bring in someone new to sing the National Anthem each time. Davis Gaines was good and rousing but three times in a row? In a city with this much talent? Ugh.

Marie said...

oh my goodness, how could I have forgotten about Davis Gaines!!! He's TERRIBLE! I cannot believe that (a)he's in the Phantom of the Opera (although I suppose he is very theatrical) and (b)the Kings continue to bring him back to sing the anthem. I can't take our national anthem seriously when I'm laughing the entire time at the singer. And then I feel like an awful American for laughing during the anthem. It's a lose-lose situation.

A. Wongsby said...

I was also disappointed to see Gaines again last night because my husband and I had gone to great lengths to do things differently than we did leading up to Games 3 and 4- different jerseys, different driving route, different food, and then they have The Briggs and Gaines doing the same exact thing?! Fffff.

Stephan White said...

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