Friday, April 15, 2011

The Kings Have Thrown In The Towel

would have been more if he wasn't so damn good looking

ooops, wrong picture.  that's his ex-fiancée's ex-husband....
ewwwww, no wonder he called off the engagement.

that's more like it

oh sweet jesus...really?? him?

Kevin Westgarth and/or John Zeiler will most likely be in the lineup in Game 2.  
Again, what the hell is Zeiler still doing in the Kings organization?
Somewhere in LA Anze Kopitar is breaking shit with his crutches.

Yep, it's official.  Sharks in 4.


Karee said...

Stoll's dirty hit on Ian White confirms that Stoll is nothing more than a slimebag. He sold out his team...Yep, it'll be Sharks in 4.... Hey, thanks Jared!! Way to go!

Jim Philips said...

I don't know why they do that kind of things. Some people on the Sportsbooks are quite mad about it.