Friday, April 22, 2011


Hermano here.

If you're a Sharks fan, you must be stoked to finally see Ghost Joe Thornton appear for the 2011 playoffs. If you're a Kings fan, this is probably how you felt about last night's game.

The Kings' defensive breakdowns last night were inexcusable. There are only so many miracles Quick can conjure and he used all of them (and more) in the first period fighting off that two-man disadvantage. He deserved that standing ovation at the end of the first.

If I'm Quick, this is probably what I'm thinking right now:

The part that really kills me is that entering the third period, we were only down one goal. At this point I'm feeling shockingly optimistic, especially since Brad Freaking Richardson now has two goals in the playoffs.

And then the defensive breakdown of the century occurred.

Give Richardson credit for his third goal here

There's simply no excuse for Richardson to blow his coverage like that. There's simply no excuse for the Kings to completely melt down and let the Sharks score 6 on them in consecutive games.

Again, being a lifetime Kings fan has taught me these ever-important words: "Maybe next year."

Yet, being the eternal optimist, you can't win Game 7 without first losing three games.

Here's to the Kings. And, honestly, Blackhawks - because the only thing to take the sting out of this post-season would be to see last year's post-season nemesis go down in flames.

Much love till my next post.


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