Thursday, September 13, 2007

Calling All Kings Fans!

Just found out today that Chris and Keith at KingsCast have teamed up with Budweiser and arranged, "High Tea with Kings" on Saturday, September 29th, where Kings fans all across Southern California can come together and watch the Kings take on the Anaheim Ducks in London. To view the official flyer, here. (The flyer looks pretty cool so it's worth a view.)

The event starts at the crack of dawn (9am) and will be held at Ummba Grill (1025 Santa Monica Blvd in Century City). There will be $1 Bud and Bud Lights, Happy Hour Drink Specials, and a $15 all-you-can-eat gourmet breakfast buffet. There will also be a silent auction which I envision could get competitive with everyone chugging $1 beers. And to prove that Kings fans aren't just a bunch of drunken fools who can't seem to get enough of being shat on by their beloved team, 10% of Ummba's sales for that day and 100% of the proceeds from the silent auction will go to the Kings Care Foundation.

Even though it's at an hour that's completely unacceptable for viewing an NHL game, there's a good chance I'll make this event especially since the BF was in as soon as I said $1 Bud and Bud Light and the hermano said he would go and already got a bunch of friends interested in going as well. I've never gone to a bar (or restaurant) to watch a Kings game with a bunch of strangers so I'm interested to see how this will turn out. My plan is to drive to my hermano's apartment, cab it to the restaurant, cab it back to his apartment after the game and pass out for the rest of the afternoon. Of course, he doesn't know this yet, but I'm sure he'll be fine with it.

And tonight is the Kings's first pre-season game! I think it started half an hour ago so let's check the score (even though it really doesn't matter): 2-0 Kings!! with a goal from, get this, Gabe Gauthier assisted by Dallman and Matt Moulson and the second goal from Matt Moulson assisted by Lubi and Brady Murray. Dan "I had hip surgery like your great grandmother" Cloutier is in net, facing off against Bryzie. Oh damn, some rando' Duck just scored. Oh well, it's preseason and all that matters is the regular season. Oh Kings, I heart you!


Kirsten said...

Road trip to LA!

KMS2 said...

That would be a looooong road trip for you but it could be worth it!

KMS2 said...

Although, it would probably be better to see a game in person.

Kirsten said...

LA is quite far from here, but don't put it past me once I've been here a few months to make a road trip that long just to see hockey.