Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Heart Margee and My Kings!

HUGE shout out to Margee who runs the clever and witty site, SportSquee. Lately she's been doing a series of Squee-Views for the upcoming season, highlighting the squee-worthy players on squee-worthy teams. I've been talking up Michael Cammalleri and JMFJ ever since she mentioned doing this series of posts and was worried that she wouldn't agree. Lucky for me, she agrees with me and finally posted her Squee-View of the LA Kings. I won't quote her entire post but my favorite description is that of JMFJ:

[JMFJ] definitely looks like the kind of guy you'd have to cover your drink around, but preppy-cute is a cute that never goes out of style. JMFJ will get you drunk, throw a striped tie on his doorknob, have his way with you, and send you off to do the Walk of Shame. And you probably wouldn't regret it too much.

Head on over to SportSquee to catch all the Squee-Views. Margee educated me on the hotness that is Jeff Halpern and I'm sure she'll brighten your day with cute, dashing photos and hilarious commentary on why we all love these guys (but just might not admit in public). Thanks Margee, my day is complete!

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Kirsten said...

Ahahahaha, the "walk of shame". I love it.