Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stupid Sports Writers

It really irks me when a sports writer doesn’t even has his facts straight. I read the following sentence once and knew right away that this writer made a mistake:

“But the two who may have the most to prove are forwards Ladislav Nagy and Michal Handzus, Slovakian national teammates who also played together at Dallas and Phoenix”.

“What?” I thought. “Nagy and Handzus played together in St. Louis and Phoenix and I don’t think Handzus ever played for Dallas.” A quick check on Handzie’s
profile correctly shows that he has played for St. Louis, Phoenix, Philly, and Chicago. Hey Lonnie White, was it really that difficult to get your facts straight? Hey, LA Times, who in the world is checking these facts? Does anyone even proofread these articles to make sure they’re correct?

It really pisses me off that guys like Lonnie White are getting paid to write these articles! “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” I want to scream like Charlie from Sunny. I guess I’ll just have to pull out the green suit and calm myself down.


Kirsten said...

Seriously. What else do they have to do all day but look up stats and make sure their shit is together?

KMS2 said...

I know! I wonder how much time they spend writing these articles and how much they get paid.

Kirsten said...

If they are well-paid, that would make me even more frustrated than I already am with sports writers. Sure, they have to travel to cover their beats, but they could be writing articles while they are traveling and doing research during times that internet cards are allowed. They could also, heaven forbid, buy a printed stat book and write it off as a necessary expense.