Friday, September 14, 2007

Kings Win! No One Cares!

Last night the Kings won their first preseason game against their archenemy, the Anaheim Ducks. My boss came in this morning, stopped by my cube, and waited. But I didn't say one word because in all honesty, what is there to be parade about? It was one preseason game and after last year's fairly successful preseason and then much forgettable season, I promised myself not to care about the preseason. But let's just take a quick look at what progressed last night at a surprisingly large crowd at Honda Center.

Pronger was not quite his usual self. He received 4 minor penalties but failed to properly use his elbow. My guess is that he's saving his suspension worthy antics for the regular season.

Both teams had an almost unrecognizable roster. Here are the players that played last night, organized into several categories:

Veteran Kings:
  • Armstrong
  • Blake
  • Dallman
  • Frolov
  • Ivanans
  • Modry
  • Visnovsky
  • Willsie
  • Cloutier

Newly acquired Kings:

  • Calder
  • Klemm
  • Aubin

Youngsters I know who have played in some Kings games:

  • Gauthier
  • JMFJ
  • Zeiler

Youngsters I've heard of but who have never played in a Kings jersey:

  • Boyle
  • Lewis

I don't know who the hell these guys are:

  • Bagnall
  • Buckley
  • Moulson

Also, something quirky happened with the boxscore because somehow Brady Murray was credited for 3 assists (2 on one goal...what?), served every single penalty, yet was not listed on the Kings roster. maybe he played, maybe he didn't.

I'm not surprised that Crawford played several guys I've never heard of and guys who are fighting for a roster spot (in particular, Lewis, Boyle, and Aubin). The Kings do not have a long training camp and yet they have a lot of prospects who may be ready for the NHL but could probably use a(nother) year in the AHL. DL has always made a point about not wanting to rush the young players so I'm not expecting Lewis to be with the team in London. Boyle may actually make the roster if he plays well because he sure has had long enough to develop his play. I wasn't quite sure why the Kings signed Aubin and initially thought it was to fill LaBarbera's spot in Manchester, but I suppose if he plays well enough during the preseason the Kings could carry three goaltenders for a while till one establishes himself as deserving the job with the Monarchs.

I am surprised that Crawford started Cloutier. I expected him to start LaBarbera yesterday and Cloutier tomorrow. Perhaps LaBarbera will play tomorrow and maybe even Bernier will get a chance to play. I'm really interested in seeing this kid play, but of course the game won't be televised. I don't expect him to make the team just yet but I have high hopes for him in the future.

Last night, neither Cloutier nor Bryzgalov played very well from a save percentage standpoint. Whether the crappy stats were a result of the goalie or the rookie defense....I know what you're thinking...It might be another long season.

I still can't believe that the regular season starts in two weeks! Oh, and the Ducks have the worst opening schedule ever. Back-to-back games in London (Saturday and Sunday) and then play games on Wednesday at Detroit, Friday at Columbus, Saturday at Pittsburgh, and then finally will be at home the following Wednesday against Boston. In case you didn't notice, all three away games are the home openers for each of those teams! On the other hand, the Kings get back from London and don't play till that Saturday at home against the Blues. So yeah, suck it Ducks! Have fun fighting that jet lag while you get annihilated by Detroit, embarrassed by the BJs, and beat down by Sidbits and Co. Yeah, that's right, I'm already talking shit to the defending Cup champions. That's how I do.


Kirsten said...

Shit talking the Ducks is always a good idea. I wholeheartedly endorse it!

KMS2 said...

Good, because I do a lot of it! ;)

Kirsten said...

ME TOO. It's kind of dangerous, because the few people that are hockey fans out here jumped on the Ducks bandwagon last year. They all spent a lot of time heckling me about my choice in teams.