Friday, September 28, 2007

Favorite KingsCast Podcasts

Since I didn't discover KingsCast podcasts until after the season was over I've been catching up over the off season. Today I listened to "Enter the Scrubs", episode #13, which was posted right towards the end of the season. I was delighted to hear the guys make fun of John Zeiler, or rather as they put it, "John MY NAME IS ZEILER!!", especially when they describe his jersey number:

"John Zeiler, right wing, #73, the anti-hero, the number for offensive and defensive linemen. Oh, and some hockey players, too."

Whether Modry deserves it or not, I always get a laugh when they rip on him like he's Britney Spears. When discussing the Norstrom trade that brought Modry back to the Kings the guys described the trade as being understandable since Matty wasn't a good fit in the young rebuilding model and brought in good draft picks since his stock is still up. They defended DL's decision to acquire Modry in the deal by saying, " Modry is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season and there's no way in fuck that we'll keep him." Well guys...ummm...hmmm. So yeah, I'll have to find a recently posted podcast to find out how they took the news.

I also listened to the episode, "Commitment to Excellence" and absolutely loved it when they called out Dainius Zubrus who said, after the Caps beat the Kings, "those are the teams we should beat for sure to make that push." KingsCast's response?

"Yo. You have, like, 5 more points than us, so stop talking like you're a fucking contender or something. You're really not that much better than us."

And as if any of you care, but: my Mini ipod is hurting. I charge it and charge it and it never seems to last more than a couple hours before the battery is too low to work. *sigh* I just might have to fork over for an upgrade.

Tomorrow: Season opener for the LA Kings!! After some deliberation with the hermano and his friends, it's decided that we'll be watching the game in Century City at Ummba Grill at the "High Tea with Kings". Check out KingsCast for additional details. For those who want to hang in Strong Beach, check out Life in Hockeywood and Let's Go Kings for details on a viewing party located in downtown.


CKim said...

dude, you must be reading my mind cuz I'm currently listening to all of the podcasts from last season now too. haha "PLAY HARD!!"

CKim said...

p.s. my mini is still going strong! I hope it lasts for a little while longer before I, too, have to shell out the money for another one....

Silencer76 said...

And now you can be happy that the Kings are 1-0-0 with a 4-1 win over the Ducks.

I told you Cammalleri would come through, as he baned in a pair in the game.

It's good to have the puck drop for sure...:)

KMS2 said...

I cringed and held my breath everytime the Ducks took a shot on goal because I was so worried that Bernier would collapse, let in soft goals, and pull a Cloutier. He'll need to be solid in a lot more games before I declare him the savior of this team.