Monday, September 17, 2007

Kings v. Ducks

Since I just can’t seem to shake the tendency to talk smack about the Ducks I figure I should at least fully embrace it instead of trying to cover it up. I mean, you only live once, right? I realize that wishing ill upon someone or an organization is truly bad karma but as long as the injury isn’t life threatening it’s ok…or at least a little bit ok.

First, Scotty Niedermayer decided to take John Kerry’s class, Flip-Flopping 101, and has gone back and forth between wanting to retire and wanting to play. Even though I don’t claim to know much about S. Niedermayer, with the exception that I know he has the most beautiful eyes second to only Stevie Y, it still seems out of character for Niedermayer not to be thinking about his team first and his personal needs second. But as I write this, I wonder, “Should more players put their needs before the team?” Even though they’re getting paid millions to play hockey it is still a job. Imagine for a second that you’re actually working in a field that you love and getting greatly compensated for your job but the hours are brutal and you’re emotionally and physically exhausted everyday. You can only take vacations during a set period of time and holidays? Yeah, right, say good-bye to those. Pronger obviously chose personal needs over Edmonton’s needs when he demanded a trade. Lindros definitely didn’t give squat about Quebec’s needs when he refused to play for the team. But I also wonder, “What would happen if more players started demanding more? What if more players refused to play for certain teams? What if veterans started asking for more time off or refused to make certain road trips because it was too physically and mentally exhausting?” All I know right now is that Niedermayer won’t be around till at least mid- to late-October, which means that’s at least 2 fewer games the Kings will have to face him!

Second, Teemu Selanne is still undecided about his future. However, my boss has a friend who has a friend who fits Selanne’s equipment and apparently Selanne was recently fitted for a new pair of skates. Would Selanne need a new pair of skates if he was retiring? Probably not. Still, I think there’s good chance Selanne won’t be around in London and maybe even longer. Again, what’s with the indecision?

Third, newly acquired defenseman, Mathieu Schneider, is out for at least 4 weeks after breaking a bone in his ankle during a preseason game against the LA Kings. I hate to revel in someone else’s pain and suffering, but at least it’s not life-threatening or career-ending. If he’s out for 4 weeks, that puts him out of the London games. If it’s longer than 4 weeks, he could miss a game or two in November against the Kings. Ohhh, the possibilities!

I realize that teams just need to make the playoffs but I have a bet with my boss based on the season series between the Kings and Ducks. I already owe him lunch for a horrendously stupid bet I made at the end of last season so I’m determined not to lose the bet this year. We still haven’t figured out the details of what the winner gets but I’m sure it’ll either be lunch or several cases of beer.

12 more days till the season starts!!


Kirsten said...

So as pissed as I am about S. Nieds, I have always had a thing for his skating. I was always happy to see him play for Team Canada, and was quite sad to see him sign with a team that I hate. I really hope he stays in the league cause he's talented (and I'm always hoping for more Team Canada appearences), but I also hope that if he does decide to retire, that it screws the Ducks over. FCP plays for them, they deserve it. Also, I agree, Scotty has really nice eyes. I've never been a Stevie fan, so I think they're better...
I'm done being bitter now, I promise. I can't wait for the season to begin! It's so much easier for me to keep track of the team than the prospects.

KMS2 said...

but I also hope that if he does decide to retire, that it screws the Ducks over.

Me too!!
Scotty is a pretty damn good skater. Since it really sucks having to normally play him 8 times per season it'll be nice to get a break for at least a couple games.

Kirsten said...

I can imagine that would suck. Did you see? The NHL agreed to put the schedule back! It's on TSN somewhere.
We now have to play the Sakic, Brunette, Smyth line etght times a year.

KMS2 said...

Sakic, Brunette, Smyth

Ugh, I hate it when certain teams have a line that just dominates your team. Thornton and Cheechoo usually tear up my Kings pretty badly.

Anonymous said...

As long as Teemu doesn't go away... I've got him on too many fantasy teams. And WHO would I call "Team Man Salami" then?

KMS2 said...

Team Man Salami

Oh wow, I am never going to be able to stop calling him Salami! That's great!

Kirsten said...

Joe Sakic by himself dominates my team. He has far more points against them than any other player. Add Brunette to that mix (*sniff* I miss him), and we're minorly screwed.