Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm Full of Rage!!

Shame on you Bucci and your editor for not correcting one of the cardinal sins in grammar: the difference between " you are = you're" and "your".

The second to last sentence in the third paragraph of the analysis of the Kings (whom he picks to finish 13th in the West, BEHIND Edmonton....WHAT?! that deserves a completely different rage post) he writes:

"But getting another high lottery pick when YOUR not ready to contend for a championship is never a bad thing."

Are you kidding me?!!? My opinion of him and ESPN just dropped another couple notches. Oh, wait, what was that? You don't think Bucci or ESPN should be perfect with their editing? Oh, I'm sorry for expecting them to be perfect since I would be very surprised if Bucci didn't get paid for writing these columns and ESPN wasn't raking in the dough for putting out sports information.

And I'm sorry, but the news of Cloutier being put on waivers occurred on Friday, Sept 21st. This article came out today, Wednesday Sept 26th. Can someone please tell me how long it takes an article to be "published" once it is written by the author? I realize that our goalie situation is still completely up in the air and it's entirely possible that Bernier will suck just as bad as Cloutier, but using the following reason for why the Kings' goaltending situation is piss poor is just irrelevant since Cloutier is now in Manchester:

"And maybe goalie Dan Cloutier , who had surgery on his hip in December and says he is ready, will be healthy and return to the form he had in Vancouver, where he had a strong defense in front of him and was a .900-save percentage, 30-win goalie"

Apparently I'm on a rant marathon so why stop??

I'm all for cute, quirky, unique nicknames but sometimes people can go a little too far. For instance, there was, or maybe still is, a young female news reporter who I think was Latina and was quite cute who spoke with an accent. I think she was referring to the Miami Dolphins but instead of saying "Dolphins" she said "swimming mammals". My dad thought it was hysterical, especially with her accent, but I thought it was stupid. In today's recap of the Kings' last exhibition game in Austria, the writer referenced the Kings as the "Crownshirts". I refused to finish reading the article but if you want to read about Kopi being the mastermind behind the Kings' offense, read about it here: The Rangers can be called the "blueshirts" (they have enough history to warrant that nickname) but the "crownshirts"?? That doesn't even sound good. It doesn't roll off the tongue very well because "crown" doesn't flow well into "shirts". The word just irks me, or in the words of the BF, "it offends me". And you know what else? I googled the term "crownshirts" and received 3 hits. 3!!! Just 3!!! And one of them was from the Let's Go Kings forum in which readers talk about it being ridiculous that the Kings PR is trying to coin this new phrase. EXACTLY!! I knew "crownshirts" was some BS term that (I hope) will have zero staying power. And can I just tell you how much it bothers me that Let's Go Kings doesn't have an apostrophe in "let's" (I added the apostrophe). C'mon people! "Let's = Let us", there's an apostrophe! Use it!

Oh, and it's official: kms2 will not be attending the home opener. (And now I'm officially a douche for referring to myself in the third person.) In fact, I'd say there's a 100% probability that I won't even be able to watch it. I'm actually not that upset about it because I realize that home openers come around every year and my friend's commitment ceremony will only happen once. But I am planning on seeing a Kings game in October with one of my few female hockey friends. She's been up in SJ country since we graduated high school and we've actually never been to a Kings game together so it'll be fun. When I told the BF that we're planning on doing it he sounded very disappointed that I hadn't included him to which I responded, "Sorry Sweetie, but it's 'Girls Night Out at the Hockey Game'!" Oh and apparently the Kings mini-game packs are almost sold out. Who knew that would happen! I personally wish the Kings would let the fans pick which games they want to attend. I'm very tempted to write the Kings organization a letter complaining that the Ducks allow their fans to choose their own games. It will probably end with the following sentence: "Sooooo there! What are you going to do to best the Ducks?? Hmmm????"

Ok, that's it. I'm done here.


Heather B. said...

Someone who clearly thinks he's as smart as Bucci seems to think he is should know the difference between "your" and "you're." And his take on the Kings was stupid and worth a little rage.

KMS2 said...

Awww, thanks, Heather! Your comment warmed my heart!

Kirsten said...

Bucci has never impressed me, but now he impresses me even less. Also, I have a concrete reason that fans of all teams can agree on not to like about him! Whoo. Heather is right. Stupid, smug bastard. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, kms2!