Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sheldon Souray - Winner of the Best Hockey Photo

Sheldon Souray is pretty damn hot in that ESPN magazine photo....let me post it again, because after all, I am a heterosexual female:

oooooeeeee!  Lookin' good Souray!

But just because he's hot stuff appearance wise doesn't mean he can just name 6 teams that he's willing to play on and poof, all his troubles in Edmonton will disappear.  First of all, he's no magician like Gob.  Second of all, is he out of his GD mind?  Does he actually think one of those 6 teams (Dallas, Los Angeles,
Anaheim, Philly, Washington, and NYR) wants him on their blueline, especially with his contract?  And what is up with his choices?  Dallas?  Anaheim?  Does he realize this isn't 2008?  The only reason  I can think of for why he would allegedly pick those teams is because of the weather.  And there's no f'ing way LA will take him.  Washington already has a Souray-type in Green and I can't imagine why they would want someone else similar who most likely won't be as beneficial.  I can't say much about Philly and NYR since I don't know those teams very well, but damn Souray...

P.S. I know this post is a little late considering Souray trade talks have been circulating for weeks (if not months) but I couldn't resist  the opportunity to share the photo love with all the ladies. 

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