Monday, February 8, 2010

Kings v. Ducks - Going for the Big 10

It's Duck Huntin' Season!  Sic 'Em Boys!!

Less than a week ago the Kings and Ducks faced each other and I can't help but wonder if Ivanans and Parros will fight again.  Even though neither guy had the definite upper hand, I loved how the guys faced off: eyeing each other, waiting for the right moment to attack.  Heavyweight fights are the best, especially now that Parros has learned how to stay on his feet.

The best part of the Kings' current winning streak is seeing which players will win the game.  More often than not it's Kopitar, who has notched 15 points in the current 9 game winning streak.  But guys like Frolov, Jack, and Handzus are finally getting on the board with multiple points per game.  When one line gets shut down, another one steps up.  Crawford always stressed "scoring by committee"....he would be so proud.

As much as I hate the Ducks, games against them are usually chippy and exciting, and lately the Kings have had a lot of success against them.  The Kings can do this.  They can make it 10.  

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