Friday, February 12, 2010

Lubo Wins Over Everyone

Of course it had to be Lubo with the shootout winner.

(Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
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He is still so adorable.  *sigh*  adorable in the "awww, I want to steal you and put you in a stroller and push you around for the world to see so everyone can say, 'oh look at how adorable he is!'".  oh god, what is wrong with me?!

And how annoying was that shootout?  First Kopitar sch-oooooled Deslauriers and then every King who followed fell victim to the pokecheck, until, Wayne "check out my awesome bobblehead" Simmonds sneaked one by the goalie.  It looked like Simmonds was going to be the hero for the night until Pennersquee crashed the party.   Damn you Penner and your big backside.

And then I about fell over when in the next round, the 8th round, who stepped up to center ice?  Handzus? Frolov? Stoll? No.  Of course was f'ing Brad Richardson!!  I had flashbacks to the 2008 game in Anaheim when Ersberg had a brilliant game and in the shootout to tie it, Marc Crawford sent out Brian Willsie, who, to no one's surprise, had a pitiful shootout attempt and the Kings lost.  I thought I was pissed, but you should have seen Connie because I thought she was going to blow a gasket.

Anyway, so the Kings couldn't win another shootout and Phoenix is still sitting pretty with 3 more points.  I couldn't bring myself to be that upset when Lubo scored the winner, because it's can you get angry after you've seen this more than once?

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