Monday, February 22, 2010

USA 5, Canada 3: Squee-Off

Hot damn Sunday's game was sexciting.  Canada may have outplayed the US, but the a-MER-icans found a way to win. I didn't sit down the entire first  period, I jumped in the air for every Team USA goal, and I found myself squeeing over several different players throughout the game.  Who do you think wins the Squee-Off for the US in their 5-3 win over Canada?  Here are the contenders:

1. Brian Rafalski
Brian Rafalski, the sex symbol

Rafalski has represented Team USA several times but for some reason every time I see him on TV or hear his name I think he's European.  But thank God he's an American because he has the golden stick in these Olympic games.  He looked like Niklas Lidstrom in the game against Canada.  He got Team USA the lead very early in the game, took the back lead by embarrassing Marty Brodeur and almost secured a hat trick, but instead received an assist after Jamie Langenbrunner deflected his shot.  How could you not fall over a guy who can score so easily.  Plus, if he had hair, he would look like Lubomir Visnovsky and everybody loves Lubo!

2. Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller attempting to bring sexy back

Ryan Miller looked like a controlled Dominik Hasek in the game against Canada.  He was brilliant but never quite crossed the line into "holy-shit-how-did-he-make-that-save-I-bet-he-sold-his-soul-to-the-devil" territory.  42 saves, 3 goals allowed, and a whole lot of awesomeness.  Girls wanted him, guys wanted him, and everyone wanted to be him tonight.  It definitely was Miller Time.  

3. Ryan Kesler

Who's in style? Yeah, this guy.

First, he talked shit about the Canadians before the game, which got JR's approval during the pre-game show.  Then he secured the win with his amazing one-handed empty-netter, which sent ladies across America throwing their bras at him (on TV).  So basically, Ryan Kesler went from being a Vancouver darling to pissing all over Canada's Maple Leaf logo. I liked him in the NHL2K10 commercial, but now I really like him. 

Verdict: Tough call, but the winner goes to Miller.  No offense to the backup netminders, but there is no way the US would have won with either Timmy Thomas or Jonathan Quick in net.  Kesler of course is totally squeeworthy but Miller won the game.  Let's hope he continues to be absolutely insane in net throughout the remainder of these Games.

4 comments: said...

Impressive win for the USA last night! I have to admit that I didn’t think they would win, partly due to the fact they hadn’t defeated Canada in half a century. I am glad they did though. I hope this win gives them confidence that they can beat any team and win Olympic gold!

5683RJM said...

Didn't get to watch the game but glad the USA won! Oh btw your blog is awesome!

Emma said...

damn, the game was awsome! found your blog somehow when i googled ryan miller, like it alot btw!
looking at the final game right now whit alot of friends here in sweden ofcourse i think USA should get the gold!:) Have a good one./

k.m.stiles said...

Despite getting silver, beating Canada at least once in these Olympics was still satisfying.