Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh How the Ugly Has Fallen

Great Scott, what is that?

I know, not cool to be making fun of a guy's looks, but seriously, he's a scary MF.  Remember back in the day when Olli Jokinen was the object of every GM's affection.  "OMG he doesn't like Florida!  We could get Casper Jokinen!!"  Even I couldn't help but think of "what if" the Kings didn't trade him for being so piss poor in his first years in the NHL.  I mean, this guy was picked f'ing 3rd in the '97  Draft.  So much for a high draft pick.

Jokinen has gone from a player for whom teams were willing to shell out multiple players/draft picks to someone who is traded with an average guy for essentially a bag of dicks.  In response to the trade Jokinen was quoted:

“Definitely, it’s a slap in the face to get traded"

Yeah, no shit dude.  If you don't produce your stock is going to fall...perhaps that's why players secure a no-trade clause.  

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