Saturday, February 6, 2010

Suck It Red Wings

yeah, that's right: suck it, red wings and all your bandwagon fans.  

This season I've had the unlucky fortune one too many times of tuning into a Kings game and immediately seeing the opposition score.  Today was no exception as I turned on the game a little too late and within one minute of watching I had the fantastic opportunity to watch the Red Wings score twice.  Before I could even get over my disgust of hearing way too many Red Wings "fans" cheer inside Staples Center after the first goal, the Wings kicked Kings' fans in their guts again just 16 seconds later.  I couldn't take it anymore, the Wings dominating the Kings, Staples Center overcome with way too many Red Wings fans who I doubt have even lived in Detroit, and the possibility of the Kings having their awesome win streak stuck at 8, so I turned off the game.  

I periodically checked the boxscore and the last score I saw was the Kings down 3-2.  With the game nearing its end I took the chance and turned the game back on.  I had an inkling the Kings weren't going to let this game slip away and I was thankfully able to see Handzus knock in the game winner.  

woah there, is Zeus showing....emotion??

Several Kings franchise records have or may be soon broken and other teams are setting some impressive streaks as well.  Of all the things that have happened recently I can't figure out what's most remarkable:
Considering I didn't think Quick would play as many games as he has this season or that I didn't think he was that good of a goalie, I am very impressed that he is leading the league in wins.  During the black years of Cloutier, La Barbera, Garon, Burke, Mr. ...Fuji, etc, I couldn't wait till the time the Kings had a goalie who would allow the team the chance to win games.  The time has come and the rest of team is doing their job.  The Kings are unbeaten when they enter the third with the lead and they're also finding ways to battle back after being down multiple goals.    The West is still so close and anything can happen, but damn does it feel good to shove it in Detroit's face.


A.Spreewell said...

You forgot to include: Chechmanek, Dafoe, Fiset, and Huet. Definitely the dark ages before the Quick Renaissance.

k.m.stiles said...

oh wow, I forgot about most of those. I remember when the Kings brought on Fiset and all the billboards for the Kings had something like: "save, save, save. No, it's not a sale, Fiset is with the Kings". what a bust that was.