Friday, February 19, 2010

Demitra is Beastly

Pavol Demitra always was Mr. Automatic when it came to shootouts.

Oh, look.  He's smiling.

 I love watching him in shootouts because you know three things will happen:

  1. He'll move slowly...scary slow
  2. He'll skate wide to one side, making a long sweeping arc
  3. He'll make an awesome move and bury it
So....he didn't quite score on his first attempt against Bryz, but no one's perfect.  When he stepped up for his second attempt I knew the game was over.  He threw is arms in the air for a silent Demitra celebration (the camera wasn't on his face, but hopefully he allowed himself to crack a smile) as his teammates threw themselves on him and mankissed him.

P.S. who knew curling was so exciting!

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