Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Amaaaaazing Kings Race

According to EJ Hradek's ESPN insider column (must be a paying member to access), today the Kings embarked on an "Amazing Race" type team-building experience.

A source says the team met at the club's practice facility in the morning. Then, the players, stripped of their cash and cell phones, were broken into pairs of two for a day-long "Amazing Race"-type experience. cute! Apparently even Jerry Bruckheimer helped plan the event and one of the places the players will visit is Dodger Stadium (let's hope not during rush hour). There's a small possibility that more information will be available tomorrow through the LA Times.

I absolutely love watching "Amazing Race" and even the reality TV hating BF likes watching it, probably because it's more of a game show than a reality TV series. I wonder how the pairs were decided. Do you try to pair up players that play with each other (Jack and Modry, Fro and Nagy, Kopi and Cammy) or players who don't really know one another (Kopi and Handzus, Brown and Stuart)? I wonder what places they'll visit and who the best and worst drivers are. Oooh, I hope Heidi and her Kings TV crew are capturing footage so we can see what complete dorks these guy really are.

Should the guys really be participating in this type of event instead of practicing on the ice? See, this is what happens when the schedule allows for a week-long layoff.


Teka said...

That's ridiculously cute. I bet you couldn't do that with a better known team, though... Sidney Crosby would keep getting stopped and asked for autographs or something.

Maybe just mugged. The Kid could use a good mugging every once in a while. Keeps him modest, y'know.

KQ949 said...

What's next? Big Brother? Let's lock them all in a house together and only let them out to play!

That actually sounded like a lot of fun! Heidi BETTER have filmed it. I think she needs to do more like the golf tourney expose, etc. Wonder if Army wore his swingin' white framed sunglasses? Classic!

Keep your camera rolling Androl!

KMS2 said...

teka: or with a team in Canada! The Montreal Canadians definitely wouldn't be able to do this. It wouldn't be too difficult to get mugged out here, they just need to step outside Staples Center and walk a couple blocks.

kq: Big Brother...oh man, that would be bad. But then again, it could be like a fraternity house since no ladies would be there.

Kirsten said...

That sounds like it could be crazy entertaining.

CKim said...

I can't wait to see this on FSN! The picture of the boys in wet suits is hilarious.

Small gripe: Someone needs to proofread these freaking news articles on the Kings website!!! They're fucking ridiculous. Even one run through will clean up the blatant errors. How annoying to be reading something enjoyable only to be stumbling over someone's inability to see their own mistakes. *steps off soapbox*

Heather B. said...

This is awesome. Every year a couple of co-workers and I try to talk our supervisor into doing something like this on staff team-building day but they never go for it. I'm so jealous!