Friday, November 9, 2007

New Face In The Crowd

Who knew Mike Smith of the Dallas Stars was funny?

Actually, your first question might be: who is Mike Smith? The answer: the 25-year-old backup for Turco. He was one of the only ones I saw at the Toyota Center ice on my break today; it was him, two Stars players, and three coaches. I was really looking forward to seeing the highest-scoring American-born player. Damn.

But let’s move back to Mike Smith and his generic name.

I love it when players show off a bit of personality on the ice (and PLENTY was shown today). After one of the coaches scored on Smith, he skated in a circle, put his stick between his legs, and started cheering. He promptly fell on his back and continued to cheer. I thought this was hilarious; that is, until Smith joined in the fun. He skated from the net to the red line, put his stick between his legs, sat down, and glided all the way to the other end of the ice. When he reached the other end he fell back and spun on his back with his legs in the air. Just imagine this with full goalie gear on. Then he started to skate around backwards and doing crossovers with big-ass pads on while shooting pucks into the net. This was some excellent entertainment until he came back on the ice without his upper-body padding on and surprised me. He had a regular stick and gloves on and started shooting around with one of the players. So did you know that Smith can actually shoot the puck with accuracy? He also took a slap A La Cammy, falling onto one knee. Although I’m sure the fall was soft seeing as how he had a mattress pad strapped to his leg. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly amused.

Anyone, please tell me more about this boy. My curiosity has piqued.

And by "boy" I really mean "guy/dude" cuz we're the same age. haha

Game update: The Kings demolish the Stars Saturday night 6-5 in OT.

Here is a picture I took during warmups. You will notice that Mike Smith is looking right at me.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I love me some baby goalies. They're always the most fun :-)

Cat said...

Dude, I love Mike Smith so much. He is the most awesome, incredibly nice, hilarious guy that I've ever met in my entire life. His totally silliness is awesome, is it not?

All I really know about him is that he's nice, totally funny, cool about people recognizing him outside of games (I spent some time talking to him at the Tragically Hip show), and also pretty hot. Not that that's important, but it's intriguing information.

Patty (in Dallas) said...
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Patty (in Dallas) said...

Did you see this article?

Mike Smith played some ping-pong with Sergei Zubov, wearing only his jockstrap and black socks. Unfortunately, no pictures.

That practice sounds awesome. I've seen a few Stars practices and Smith is pretty funny. Lots of fake rage and silliness.

CKim said...

haha, that's fantastic. I can just picture it now....or something.... I mean, it's not like someone could come by and pants him. hahah Another sweet visual for you guys.

KMS2 said...

Men in jockstraps and socks...why does Borat come to mind??

Cat said...

Patty, I have that article clipped out of the newspaper and hanging on my fridge. I highlighted that part, too. Mental image, every time I walk into my kitchen.