Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Give Thanks to

the person upstairs who allowed me to get home safely today despite very rough turbulence. I do not give thanks to the airlines because I was 3/3 in delayed flights but United Airlines did hand out $50 vouchers that may be used on a future flight within one year.

I also do not give thanks to the LA Kings. I was gone for one week and missed three games. Well, actually I caught the third period of the Dallas game when I was flipping through the channels and found out that the southern state I was in (not Texas) was carrying Dallas Stars games on FSN. But I don't really count that period as watching hockey because it really sucked ass. A truly disappointing period of hockey for the Kings, I bet Stars fans will beg to differ. So now the Kings have lost 5 in a row...again! After their spectacular win over Dallas earlier in the month one would have thought that the team was going to steamroll their opponents this month. But no...the Kings have stunk it up pretty badly.

So here I am, 2 hours before the puck drops, debating whether or not I want to unload from a very (fried) food filled week by watching a hockey game that very well might not turn out to my liking. Maybe I should put up the "Current Longest Losing Streak" stat again because the Kings seemed to start winning as soon as I mocked them back in October. Which reminds me, I need to update my "Cloutier Watch" because I bet it's way out of date. Ugh, don't worry hockey fans, I'll watch the game because I support the team no matter what.

Since I haven't posted in over a week, here are some things I'm planning on writing about so be on the lookout for them within the next couple weeks:

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