Sunday, November 11, 2007

JR and His 500th Goal

Last month I wrote a post describing the Top 5 Ways JR could score his 500th goal. Some fellow bloggers pitched in with some fabulous possible scenarios and now it's time to see who was closest in predicting the fashion in which JR would reach this monumentous milestone.

According the post game wrap-up on Yahoo! JR's goal happened as such:

Roenick dumped a shot toward the net from just inside the blue line. It appeared Auld had stopped the puck, but it dribbled free and slid across the line, giving the Sharks a 2-1 lead.

"I wish for his sake it could have been nicer," Auld said. "I went over to play the dump, it hit the glass, and hit the net, bounced off me and I put it in. You never want to be the guy who gives it up, you'll be on the highlights a lot."

I think Schnookie of Interchangeable Parts is the Grand Winner with her scenario:

I feel like opposing teams should be helping him out more with this; like, after he touches the puck they would just pick it up and throw it into their own nets.

Sure, Auld might have made it look like he was trying to stop it, or that the puck just happened to hit him, but we know he really took a swipe at that puck and helped it across the line. Way to go, Auld, you attention grabbing whore!! Thank you for putting us out of this misery. Now I can enjoy future Kings/Sharks game without feeling like I'm on the edge of puking my guts out from being so nervous that JR will score his 500th against my team. Ahhh, whatever, I'll admit it, I'm just bitter that the Kings organization was stupid enough to have given JR millions. I think it's pretty obvious that JR will retire this season. It's actually really nice and heartwarming to see a guy end his career on a highnote. Congrats, Roenick!


KQ949 said...

As much as I'm PO'd about his time in LA, he is a funny guy. Either you love him or hate him.

Hubby was a Chicago Blackhawks fan "back in the day" (he was fan #4) and said that Roenick's nickname was the "human highlight film". He said he was an awesome player that always gave 200% in a game.

So JR, here's my one and only toast to you for the season! Congrats on this milestone!

Now, at the end of the season, go away quietly. No dramatic text messages or sports talk show appearances!

KMS2 said...

Yeah....I do like JR..just not in a Kings jersey. Wasn't he just awwwwful with us? Ugh. I think he's pretty good on sports shows as long as he's not talking about himself.