Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The End is Near

The Kings started November on a good note with a road win against San Jose. They then split the home-and-home series with SJ by losing the following night. After a week off, the Kings had that miraculous third period against Dallas on November 10th. Everything seemed to be falling into place: confidence, scoring, energy, passion, etc. But, in fact, everything was not right. After that amazing game the Kings lost 5 in a row, matching their longest losing streak this season.

Unlike the Kings, the Stars, after getting embarrassed by the Kings followed by a front office shake up, won 6 of their next 7 games with the only loss coming in overtime.

Let's see how each Pacific Division teamed fared against one another in November (SJ and LA have one remaining PD game against each other):

Anaheim: 6-2-2 (3 of the 6 wins coming against LA, you're welcome Ducks fans)
Phoenix: 6-4-0
San Jose: 5-3-2
Dallas: 4-2-2
Kings: 3-6-1

Dallas may only have one more win than the Kings against PD teams, but they did play (and win) 4 games against non-Pacific Division teams in November while the Kings were stuck in the pits of fandom hell playing only PD teams.
I keep reminding myself that it only matters that you're in the top 8 but it's so frustrating when game in and game out the Kings just don't look good for the entire game. Usually they just look good for one period, the first or the third.

Hmph...well at least the Kings are just one game away from ending this miserable November. C'mon guys, I've had a pretty awesome week so don't piss me off.

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