Monday, November 26, 2007

Well. Hello There

Am I the only one in the hockey universe who is completely unaware of the hotness exuded by a certain Florida Panthers Left Winger?

I must say that I think this kid has very easily overtaken Ryan Malone for the LW spot on the Eastern Conference All-Star Squee Team and is making a run for the captaincy. Oh, who is this kid that I am talking about? None other than the hottie, David Booth. Oh yes, ladies, let's all say a "Thank You" to the hockey gods that helped pave the way for Mr. Booth to play in the NHL so that we may appreciate all he has to offer.

Well. Hello there, David Booth
(Photo courtesy of the Panthers roster page)


Teka said...

I didn't find him until yesterday, when he was on the Yahoo fantasy "Hot to Watch" list. It was a very "well HELLOOOOOOOO florida!" sort of moment.

KMS2 said...

That's exactly where I found him, too!! He definitely caught my eye and I thought, "who the hell is that??"

Kirsten said...

No, because I was completely unaware until this morning when I checked your blog! Thanks for looking out for my best interest and correcting my gross oversights.

Shmee said...

Helllloooooo Mr. Booth

CKim said...

He kinda looks like Jack O'Callahan from Miracle. Not bad, not bad.

KMS2 said...

Helllloooooo Mr. Booth


ckim: he does...except Mr. Booth looks less douchier.