Saturday, November 3, 2007

Kings v. SJ: Home-and-Home

Tonight is the second game in the home-and-home series with San Jose. Since we have an atrocious record at the Shark Tank I wasn't expecting much out of our guys. I was pissed that the game wasn't televised and due to my awful superstition, I had to settle to check the box score (in fact, read about other HLOGger superstitions here). To my delight the Kings beat SJ 5-2 despite being horribly outshot; needless to say, I have no idea if SJ had a lot of quality shots or just threw everything at Aubin.

Tonight's game is also not televised and I was all set on not watching another Kings game till next Saturday (their next is up these schedules) but about 15 minutes ago I bought tickets to the game for the following reasons:
  • the BF was the one who suggested going to the game;
  • I knew we would be able to buy tickets on game day considering we can't sell out a game to save our lives;
  • we bought "Night Out" game tickets meaning we're getting two tickets, two beers, and two nachos all for the price of two tickets. I'll be giving my beer to the BF and he'll buy me a soda...which he doesn't know yet;
  • tonight's game isn't televised...second consecutive game that isn't televised, absolute crap;
  • we're bored.

Here's hoping we don't get crushed tonight! My prediction: LaBarbera plays. That's the only prediction I'm making because I don't want to jinx man, do I feel another superstition coming on?

Well that was a turd of a game. Both teams looked sluggish and lacked chemistry and unfortunately San Jose looked just a bit better. If the Kings has actually won the game I still wouldn't have felt good about it because they looked so bad. LaBarbera should have had the third goal, in fact I think most of the crowd thought he did and cheered but then realized it was actually a goal. The first SJ goal was a PPG only a couple minutes into the game. I think that was the only penalty the Kings had so it's too bad they couldn't kill it off. Stuart had the lone Kings goal, which came just after SJ killed off a penalty. All three Kings power plays looked atrocious so it was amazing that Stuart was able to fire a shot from the blueline that went cleanly through the five hole.

During warmups a bunch of Kings fans were heckling JR and the BF said that JR gave them the finger and then grabbed his crotch. I was paying more attention to the Kings fans so I missed JR's reaction, but I trust his story is true. Every single time JR stepped on the ice he was booed. Every single time he touched the puck he was booed even more. And when he fucking scored the boos were even louder. $#@*$@#!!! I just knew he was going to score against us. Blerg.

The highlight of the game was probably when Zeiler tried to lay a hit on someone who was about 6 inches taller than him. He came in from the side but the SJ player was ready for him and absolutely drilled Zeiler, first colliding shoulders and then somehow crushing him face first into the glass. It was an unbelievable hit and from where we were sitting you could just see Zeiler's face smashed against the glass and everyone around us just groaned in pain and amazement at how Zeiler just got uber pwned.

The other highlight of the night (not game) happened during warmups. The "Hockey Night Out" tickets were only available in the 200 level so that's where we were chilling during warmups. When the BF came back with a beer this was our conversation:
BF: Bob Miller is right outside.
Me: Awww, but I don't have a camera.
BF: So?? He's right out there!
Me: Aaawwwwwww, but I don't even have anything for him to sign.
BF: He's signing books. Just go and buy one.
(note: we were just in the Team LA store and I had pointed out Bob's book and mentioned that I eventually wanted to buy it)
Me: Hmmm, yeah, ok, I'll be back.

I ran into the Team LA store, which was directly across from our entrance, and bought the book, using my $5 Team LA store giftcard which I finally remembered to bring with me. Then I got in line which was surprisingly short and got Bob Miller to sign it!!! Woohoooo!!! At least I got something out of the game.

Next Kings game: Saturday, Nov 10th against Dallas. Patty (in Dallas), watch out! My Kings are coming after your Stars!


CKim said...

Crawford said that JS started yesterday because he wanted to give LaBarbara a little break. So Bars should be in net. Argh, I definitely had two different offers today for going to that game!

But I have a race at the Newport Aquatic Center tomorrow morning and it would probably be a bad idea to do a game when I have to be at the course at 6AM.

Kirsten said...

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having many odd superstitions. In fact, I quite endorse superstitions.

KMS2 said...

I had a lot of superstitions when I played soccer down to how I put on my equipment, what I listened to, who the team "prayed" to before the game, etc. Of course none of it really mattered but it did help put my mind at ease.

Kirsten said...

Good call. My coaches have always thought I'm crazy, but as long as I stayed on top of my game, they mostly left it alone.

I'm jealous of your ability to randomly go to a hockey game.