Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kings Gameday Preview

Well it's about time the Kings finally play a game. It's been one week since their last game, a 3-1 loss to San Jose, and I'm a bit worried about how the Kings will look tonight. While the Kings were resting, participating in a pseudo-Amazing Race, and practicing, the Stars played three games going 2-1. Thank goodness they're not entering tonight on a three-game winning streak. Mr. Willa Ford finally passed Phil Housley to become the highest scoring American-born player so maybe he'll take it easy tonight now that the pressure is gone.

According to the LA Times, Calder and Ivanans won't be suiting up tonight. That means unless Scott Thornton is in the lineup tonight don't expect any fights. Who knows who will be starting in goal. I'm partial to LaBarbera because I think he's capable of being the number one goalie so I hope he's in net tonight. There's so much I could write about but I'm heading out for the afternoon and I also don't want to jinx anything. However, look for my Kings gameday preview for either Tuesday's or Thursday's game against the Ducks! I will definitely be writing a full-blown preview for one of those games.

Go Kings Go!!


KQ949 said...

That was the longest week of my LIFE! Don't do that again guys! (OK, I'm exagerrating a bit).

I'm ready for the game tonight. I debated whether to go to the game or not but since it's on TV, I decided to save the money for christmas presents. My brats better appreciate me giving up a game for their gifts.

We'll be at both games at the Honda Center this month. We'll represent the Kings proudly! Go King!!

Kirsten said...

Kill those Stars! Stupid Modano, I'm not even really willing to be happy for that douche. I don't care what kind of a fan that makes me.