Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kings 2, Ducks 3

I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing these broadcasters say "Freeway Faceoff". First of all, why does a rivalry need a "name"? Second of all, don't you think the crazy guys who came up with the asinine idea of naming the rivalry would have called the whole thing off when they saw the ridiculous ideas put forward by the four (6-year old) fans who decided to actually submit a name? I have a name for this rivalry:

The Bruce McNall Rivalry

Because we all know there probably wouldn't be an f'ing Ducks team if it weren't for Bruce McNall and his stunningly desperate need for money. Thanks, Bruce, this post is for you.

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Kirsten said...

That is probably the worst name they could have thought up. Battle of SoCal? Battle of LA and suburbs? Anything but Freeway Faceoff? Bueler? Fry?