Saturday, February 2, 2008

Belated Friday Five Focus

I completely forgot about my FFF. I know it's Saturday but I'm still only listing five things that have been on my mind lately.

  1. As of today Phoenix is only 4 points behind Anaheim AND the Coyotes have played 4 fewer games. How awesome would it be if the Coyotes made the playoffs and Anaheim became the next Carolina Hurricanes;

  2. Lately it seems like the Kings are the Manchester Monarchs because of all the call-ups. Today was no exception as Brian Boyle made his NHL debut. He made quite a splash notching a goal and an assist and was just a scrum shy of getting a Gordie Howe hat-trick. Boyle looks like a fucking beast out there because he's HUGE! With Nagy and Thornton injured I'd like to see Boyle stay with the Kings so we can find out if his two-point game was a fluke or something we can expect in future games;

  3. I'm going to do some shameless advertising but it's mainly because I don't want to write another post on the same topic. I've recently started doing a weekly column at SportsHubLA (a website dedicated to Southern California sports) and a couple days ago I wrote a column about the Kings prepping for the trade deadline. I'm interested to see who gets traded and what we can get in return. There are a couple Kings that could help other teams but I don't know what we could get in return that would be of much value except for more draft picks. I found out today that Nagy was put on IR, so now I'm not so sure he'll be moved unless he can get healthy quick or DL can work his magic wand;

  4. Is Forsberg really going to sign with an NHL team? If he does, Philly is my guess. But will he have any impact at all? Do teams really want him? How much will he get paid?

  5. Why the hell can't I get cool hockey shit at McDonald's? Just another reason why I like Canada and probably wouldn't mind living there. Even though I think it's cold in California when it's 55 degrees outside I suppose I could get used to actual cold weather if it meant that I would have easy access to hockey-related items.


Kirsten said...

*I* don't want Forsberg for my team. I don't think he'd be a good fit, nor do I think he's really going to make the impact that the press seems to think he's going to.

I KNOW! I live in MN, you'd think that would be good for some hockey shit at McD's, but I suppose it's still the American branch of the franchise. God Damn. It does take a while to acclimate to a different climate, but you could always live in Victoria. It's warm there, and much less rainy than Vancouver. It's also full of old people, but whatever.

elise said...

I was also disappointed that McDs didn't have good hockey things. I got really excited for about 10 minutes before I realized I didn't live in Canada.

KMS2 said...

I bet Forsberg will head to Philly but I doubt he'll make that much of an impact...I wonder what other players think.

Why does Canada get all the good stuff??