Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Five Focus

It's technically Friday when I remembered, so here we go with my weekly scheduled post:

  1. Please, oh pretty please, will a GM take Nagy off our hands!? Puh-leeeeease!!

  2. If Matt Moulson isn't called up after the trade deadline I will shit a brick. He is a much better player than Brian Willsie and I think he's had enough practice in the AHL. It's time for the Kings to stop carting him back and forth between LA and Manchester and keep him with the big boys.

  3. I can't believe it's already February 15th...Looking at the upcoming schedule it's sad to see that the end of the season is quickly approaching. Soon I will have to say good-bye to my team and pick a different team to adopt for the playoffs. *sigh*

  4. The Kings OWNED Phaneuf tonight and it was very, very sweet.

  5. I think Carolina is going to make the biggest (and most suprising) trade before the trade deadline. They need a strong veteran who can score and attempt to replace Rod the Bod as the team enters the playoffs. I don't see any other team making a huge splash, but that assumption isn't based on any hard facts...just my gut feeling.


Kirsten said...

I knew there was a reason I love you guys. I LOATHE Phaneuf.

KMS2 said...

We now call Brian Boyle, "The Great Wall of Boyle" because he absolutely stood up Phaneuf last night. It was awesome!!

CKim said...

Boyble just completely leveled him and it was fucking fantastic. Muhaha!

Tracy said...

"Please, oh pretty please, will a GM take Nagy off our hands!? Puh-leeeeease!!"

I only read until there... and the answer is: not if they're smart. No offense to my poor, abused <3.

Oh, and it's on tonight. You guys have been playing well lately, I can't wait to see us go head to head!!

KMS2 said...

Tracy, are you sure Phoenix doesn't want him back? And why can't we win against you!!!!!