Saturday, February 9, 2008

Belated Friday Five Focus

I'm beginning to think I should change this weekly post to "Saturday Six Seminar" because I cannot for the life of me remember to do it on Friday. Anyhoo, here's what's been on my mind this past week:

  1. Will Rob Blake really waive his no-trade clause to go to Anaheim? And if he is willing, does Anaheim really need him? Don't they have enough power and stability in their defensive corps? Not that I know everything about Anaheim but I thought they were in the need for another first or second line scorer? Such as Hossa. Whatever, back to my initial question. My boss (the Ducks fan) and I had a discussion about this trade rumor. He doesn't think the "cross-town-rival" sentiment is that deeply ingrained in any former or present Kings and Ducks player. I partially disagree. I think there are definitely some players who wouldn't dare sign with the other team. Luc Robitaille? No way he would have played for Anaheim during his playing days. Teemu Selanne? He did play for SJ but I highly doubt he would ever play for the Kings;

  2. The points system needs to change. The standings are ridiculous. Why is a team awarded a point if it loses? I don't care if a loss occurs in OT or the shootout, the winner receives 2 points and the loser receives absolutely nothing.

  3. I think Cloutier will play between 7 and 10 games. What I'm worried about is Crow forcing Cloutier onto the team like he did last season. He kept starting Cloutier even though Garon was playing better. I think he did this to give Cloutier another shot and build up his confidence but it didn't work at all. Unless Barbs performs like he did against Detroit and Cloots turns out All-Star performances in every game he starts, I do not want to see Cloutier start more than 10 games.

  4. ckim and I are going to the Kings game on Friday. We're going to have signs and while she knows what she's going to write on them, I'm having some difficulty figuring out what should be on mine. Keep in mind that the sign can't be bigger than 11x17. Right now my two favorite are "Re-sign Patty" and "Cammy, don't ever fight". I really wish I could bring a sign that says "Cammy, don't fucking fight" but Staples Center doesn't allow curse words on signs...go figure. Or, should I have a sign that says, "Sir Brian Boyle the Beast" because that should be his official name. Anyone have any suggestions?

  5. In honor Hextall being inducted into the Philadelphia Flyers Hall of Fame, here's a video (courtesy of YouTube) of Hextall jumping Chris Chelios.

    I didn't get to see Hextall play very much when I was growing up but I always remembered him being a badass.


Kirsten said...

I don't think Anaheim needs blueline help so much as they need help up front. I think players usually see it as a business and would have no problem going cross town.

I vote for a change in points too. Competition is gooGo for the d, but this is far too stressful for me.

Sir Brian Boyle the beast would be an awesome, awesome sign. I'll look for you guys. You never know, you may coin an unofficial nickname...

Hextall is so fucking cool.

KMS2 said...

yeah, I just can't imagine Anaheim really needing another defenseman, it just seems so unnecessary.

If Boyle gets another goal before Friday then I will most likely go with that sign...but if he doesn't do anything then I'll go with another one.

CKim said...

I think I might choke on my own spittle if Blake finds himself in a Ducks jersey.

If you show up with that sign for Boyle, we're gonna seem like the Manchester fan club! hahah, maybe that'll send a fucking message to those other yahoos.

KMS2 said...

Maybe your sign on Friday should say "Blake, don't become a Quacker."

or maybe we should have a sign that says "Where's Purcell?"