Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Sympathy for Phaneuf

TSN is reporting that Dion Phaneuf's SUV was stolen the other day. Poor, Woofie, right? Wrong.

I do have to say that I would be absolutely devastated if my car was stolen, mainly because buying a new one would require delving into my Kings season tickets/house down payment fund. Since there's only street parking in my neighborhood and I live in the gay ghetto I'm always worried that I'll leave for work and not be able to find my car.

With that said...I have no sympathy for people who do stupid shit like leaving your car running while you get something because you're too lazy or too trusting (stupid) to turn it off, run your errand, and come back and turn your car on.

The article reports that:

"Phaneuf left his SUV running and he came back out just in time to see the perpetrator rolling away.

Phaneuf did not want to discuss the incident following the Flames overtime loss to the Avalanche."

Yeah, I wonder why he didn't want to discuss the incident...because he realized what a moron he is for practically handing over the keys to some lucky bastard criminal. What's next, is he going to leave his 500G iPod, Gucci sunglasses, and Tag Heuer watch on the dashboard, tempting every person who walks by to break the passenger window and walk off with the loot? This is why I trust NO ONE. C'mon people, let's use our brains.


chris said...

Dip-shit Alert!

Kirsten said...

Is it bad that I think this is absolutely hilarious? I live in Ghetto Salem right now, and there is a reason I refuse to live off campus. The neighborhood next to the university is known as "felony flats". Good times.

He's from Edmonton, it's not like he's from some hick town on the prarie where you could go and find your car parked in someone's driveway if they took it.

KMS2 said...

Chris: I bet non-Flames fans are laughing hysterically about this news.

kirsten: "felony flats"...yikes! whenever I see people leave their cars running to run inside their apartment to grab something or run down the sidewalk to drop something in the mailbox I always think, "stupid dumbass"!!

Kirsten said...

Non-Flames fans are DEFINITELY laughing their asses off about this. I loathe Phaneuf. I'm going to have to link to this post...if I can figure out how.

Kirsten said...

They found his car.

Apparently Iginla was pissing himself when he got asked about it. Something to the effect of "Dion had to get a ride to the rink...from the cops!".

CKim said...

OMG, I can't stop freaking laughing at this. This is the BEST NEWS I've heard all day!!! What a dumbass!!!

KMS2 said...

Kirsten: thanks for the update! I wonder if the person who stole the car knew it belonged to Dion...I have a feeling that since they're in Canada that they probably did, but who knows.

ckim: I guess he is as dumb as he looks.