Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kings v. Douchebags

I really wish this game was in LA because I definitely would have gone to witness Avery playing on the opposing team, Drury with his "aww shucks" look, and Gomer with his posse (aka, Dad). Oh, and Cammy is back, bitches! (Brown is back in LA to be with his ultra-preggers wife.) Too bad I didn't set my DVR, but at least I'll be able to watch the third period.

ckim and I got a huge laugh upon seeing the Kings Gameday report. Can you tell why?

Extreme close up!!!

Why are their heads so small?

Aren't my paint skills super awesome? First of all, what the hell is up with Avery's picture? Is he actually trying to grow a mohawk? And when did Avery become emo? Just look at Drury's picture..."awww, c'mon guys. Why doesn't anyone like me? Why does Jagr always give me dirty looks? I'm just trying to be his friend. Guys...guys..where are you going? I wanna hang out, too. You do know that I'm a part of this team, right? Guys? Guys? Are you even listening to me?" Gomer is totally that guy who thinks he's super cool and can nail all the ladies but everyone secretly hates him and is just nice to him so he'll buy them rounds of drinks and other gifts. So yeah, basically Gomer buys his friends but he has to run all his transactions by his dad first. "Dad, I really need that 6-pack of toilet paper. No, I can't use newspapers to wipe my ass because I don't have any newspapers because you know I can't read!"

The Kings need new pictures...maybe they should hire a photographer who will have them pose so their bodies and heads are proportional to one another.

4 pm PT game time! Go Kings!

When I checked the boxscore during the first period and saw that the Kings were outshooting the Rangers 14-1 I had to watch the game. A quick phone call to P solved the problem who was thankfully watching the game so the DVR was able to start recording from the start of the game!

Today was the first time in a very long time that I watched a recorded game even though I knew the outcome. I checked the boxscore while I was still at work and listened to the end of the game during my commute home yet for some reason I just had to watch the game.

The Kings impressed me a lot tonight. I thought LaBarbera had a solid game. He saw the puck well, didn't allow too many crazy rebounds, was able to get set, and even took a penalty to show that he wasn't going to take any shit from the Rangers. During the game against the Devils P kept insisting that the Kings need a new goaltender, a bonafide Number 1. I kept trying to remind him that LaBarbera is capable of being a decent Number 1 and there weren't any available goaltenders in the league who would be that much of an improvement over him. Additionally, the Kings were playing like shit on Saturday and Barbs can't always be their saving grace. Give the guy something to work with and then he'll make the easy saves and the key saves to keep the team in the game.

What with Brown out and Cammy back in I knew the lines were going to be messed around and I was so confused about what would happen. Would Cammy go back to the top line? Fro deserves to be promoted to the first line...but Fro and Moulson have recently been stringing together great games while playing together. Would Willsie play? Would Thornton play? When the hell is Purcell going to be recalled?

I was slightly surprised to see the Manchester Boys (Boyle, Giuliano, and Moulson) playing on the same line; I suppose chemistry overruled the need for a veteran presence. The three of them played very well together and I may soon think that Giuliano deserves to stay in LA and perhaps *gasp* not just be that "checking-line-guy". The line even got the second Kings goal. It was very similar to Thornton's goal, which put the Kings ahead 1-0, in that a Kings player was left practically completely open in the slot to send the puck past Lundqvist. Boyle now has 2 goals in 2 games and 3 points in 2 games. Not a bad start to his NHL career.

One of the key points in tonight's win was the top line: Frolov, Kopitar, and O'Sullivan. Last season when Kopitar was a rookie I thought he was going to make Frolov a better play (i.e., put up points) and really anticipated the two of them playing together, which I don't think occurred for the majority of the season but correct me if I'm wrong. Tonight the two of them helped each other play and look better. Frolov has great hands and is so skilled at stripping the opposition and tonight he excelled in both areas. I really hope Crow keeps this line together. When Brown gets back I think Crow should have him play with Cammy and maybe Army. Or with Nagy (if he ever gets healthy).

I think it's funny that Jagr had 7 shots on goal and Gomez had 6 shots on goal and neither recorded a point tonight. Maybe those guys should concentrate on quality and not quantity. Thanks for helping improve LaBarbera's stats.

For some reason tonight's win was very satisfying. Was it because we gave Gomez, Drury, and Avery the finger by taking away 2 points from them? Or was it because we played well and were rewarded with a win? Regardless, I hope the Kings can continue the momentum and enter Joe Louis on Thursday with confidence and play a competitive game against the Red Wings.


CKim said...

I can't even look at these pictures without laughing my ass off. The Rangers' pictures are embarrassingly large and the kings just look like little kids.

Bethany said...

I totally thought that you photoshopped the glasses on Avery to make him look that stupid...guess he did it himself...

KMS2 said...

ckim: I still can't get over those pictures.

bethany: girl, I don't even know how to use Photoshop! ;) I can't believe Aves would actually wear those glasses...they look horrible on him!

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