Monday, February 25, 2008

Upcoming Trade Deadline: My Predictions and Wishes

With the NHL Trade Deadline approaching fast, I want to make some predictions for what will happen to the Kings. I also want to make a Wish List of all the players I want to see traded.

My Wish List for the Trade Deadline
Here are the following players that I want to see gone:
  • Rob Blake - you're dead to me. Just go to Colorado so you can be with your loverboy and help the Avs knock out Anaheim.

  • Tom Preissing - sometimes I'll be watching a game and think, "is TP scratched?"

  • Ladislav Nagy - you have been such a disappointment this year. I can't believe I actually gave you the benefit of the doubt when you signed with the Kings. I feel like you cheated on me and I HATE feeling that way! So that's it Nagy, we're done!

  • Kevin Dallman - I told you to retire after that marvelous game you had but nooooo, you just had to go and continue being a "hockey player" or as I like to call it, "bait".

  • Brian Willsie - It's never a good thing when I get you confused with Kevin Dallman. It's also never a good thing when I complain about how often you undeservedly get too much playing time and then I check your stats and find out you've only played in 40 of 64 games this season. You and Kevin Dallman should run away together to a nice small Canadian town and play for the local AHL team.

  • Matt Ellis - it's not you, it's me. I have feelings for someone else and I don't want to lead you on.

Who Will the Kings Trade??
Ok, folks, let's get real. Based on rumors, what the Kings need, what the Kings may be able to get in return, and the trusty beer gut, here's a list of guys I think will be traded.

  • Rob Blake - why else would trade rumors have been flying around the league in December?? I think deep in your heart, you know you won't be able to play as long as Chelios and that it might take that long for the Kings to make a viable run for the Cup. I think you passionately want another Cup and that you've been all talk the past couple of weeks. Also, even though I'm against rental players, the Kings will probably be able to acquire good stuff for you. You're no Sundin; You left once and you can leave again. Take one for the team, Blakey, we'll see you in September.

  • Michael Cammalleri - he does have one year left in his contract but he's had a decent season thus far and he's played enough games since his injury that I think he's getting better acclimated to playing. Obviously he wouldn't be a rental player so he would be good for a team that needs to add a skilled center not only for the playoffs but for next season, especially if the team is going to lose a top UFA. The Kings have a lot of talented players that are younger than Cammy's 25 years so his void would be easily filled. Like Blake, I think the Kings can walk out of this deal with some good players and/or prospects. I hope the Kings can get a good defenseman in return.

  • Brad Stuart - I'll be sad to see him go. I said some harsh shit about BS earlier in the season but he has finally won me over. Any team would be lucky to obtain the services of BS and considering he's a UFA at the end of the season I think DL will be trying hard to ship him out. Oh BS, we had such good times together!

While I want the Kings to trade away a good chunk of players I don't see DL doing such a thing. Of course he'll be looking towards the future, but hopefully he'll fair better than last season. We did get a lot of picks through last season's trades and we're totally stocked with picks in the 2008 Draft. I'd like to see some quality players that can contribute in the very near future rather than several (2-4) seasons down the road. C'mon DL, bring in the good stuff!!

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