Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trades Shmrades

Why did the Philadelphia Flyers pick up Jaroslav Modry? Is he really the answer to their defensemen woes? It's not easy to declare the winner of this trade considering the Draft is still months away. However, based on last year's draft, our pick in the third round was Bryan Cameron, a smallish center who has played decently the past two seasons in the OHL with the Belleville Bulls. It's highly possible the Kings will end up the winner of this trade considering DL's knack for drafting.

Of all the defensemen on the Kings, I'm surprised that they passed up Tom Preissing and Brad Stuart. I'm still trying to figure out why TP was thought to be a good off-season signing and I guess the Flyers agreed. He hasn't done that much bad but he also hasn't done that much good. He's just....there. I'm willing to bet the Flyers didn't want to give up much for a veteran defenseman which is why they didn't trade for Brad Stuart. At least it gave me another day of hope that BS won't be traded. I'm really warming up to this guy and it only took me roughly 50 games! He's got some grit to his game and has one hell of a slap shot. I'm willing to forgive his myriad turnovers that were commonplace in the first half of the season because lately he's been showing why he's a studly defenseman.

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I hate to doubt good ol' Rob Blake ("ya know, back in the olden days I had a mullet! hardy-har-har!"), but now I don't believe a damn word that is published about him. A month or two ago I could have sworn there were reports saying Blake was willing to waive his no-trade clause and now he's saying that he was never asked to do such a thing, nor would he capitalize on the opportunity to go for the Cup this season. I don't know what to think about you, Blakey. Do you really mean it when you say you want to stay in LA or are you just saying that because you're injured and the suitors are slowly getting out of line? I'm not going to comment any further about No. 4 till after the trade deadline.

I just have to say something about the Forsberg Fiasco. Today ESPN has an article stating that Foppa might actually still be considering a return to the NHL this season because after all the trade deadline is still one week away!! Are you serious?! First of all, why would a team want to risk signing him when there's been so much speculation about whether or not he's even 100%. This isn't Sniedermayer or Teeeeeeeeemu we're talking about, two guys who just had to maintain playing form while they pondered retirement. Foppa has ankle issues. Foppa has skate issues. Foppa doesn't even know if he's 100% and he's allegedly asking for a two-year contract worth $3 million/season? What?! Does anyone else think this is totally whack? If I were him I would be paying clubs for a chance to play for a Stanley Cup contender and then have in my contract a clause that states "if I can play in every single regular and postseason game and average 'X amount' of minutes, then you have to pay me 'X amount' of dollars next season." But then again, that's why I'm not in the "signing-hockey-players-to-contracts" business.

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