Friday, July 27, 2007

au revoir, DT!

After 2 weeks of silence, the LA Times finally has a new article about the Kings. I'm not really sure why I torture myself by checking the website daily for new articles when only once in a blue moon do they have anything worth reading that I can't find anywhere else. I guess it's just part of my morning routine when I get to work and I just can't seem to shrug off the fix even if it isn't satisfying.

Anyway, once again,
the article was completely worthless and it was written by TWO writers! Seriusly LAT? It took two writers to come up with 6 short paragraphs explaining Dave Taylor's impending departure from the Kings organization? Gee folks, I already thought he was a goner. Well, ok, to be honest, I knew he was still with the organization in some capacity but figured he was just given a title so that he could have a business card and claim that he's still with the team that he started with. Alright, I realize I'm being a little harsh to a guy who provided Kings fans with much joy while he was a player. However, while I realize he can't take the blame for everything bad that has happened while he was GM, I think his performance in the front office was sub-par and I can't say that I was sad to see him demoted a couple seasons ago.

According to the article, it is expected that the Dallas Stars will hire Dave Taylor for a front-office position. And that is the only news that was included in the article. "Font-office capacity": that's specific, just like his last position! I'm sure he'll do an exceptional job.

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