Monday, July 2, 2007

DL's Moves

I was quite disappointed last night when I found out that Drury picked the Rangers over the Kings. Who knows what the Kings offered him but would have I wanted the Kings to pay him an average of more than $7.357 million per season? I don't know. Who knows what his reasons were for picking the Rangers. I would have thought that with Jagr and Gomez on the team that Drury wouldn't want to be there too. But maybe he wants two higher profile players to be on the same team as him so that he won't garner most of the spotlight. Whatever. Gomez, you're dead to me.'re getting close.

This morning as I sat at my cube perusing every hockey-related website I could find, my hopes kept dying with every hour that passed without a single signing. When I came back from lunch I saw, what is that? a rumor! The Kings were after Preissing! I remembered Preissing from the playoffs when I took a chance on him and picked him for my fantasy team. He had a decent first round but his production tapered off by the end of the playoffs. He's an astonishing +65 over his 3-year career and I'm looking forward to seeing him in a Kings jersey.

Later in the day, 2 more signings were announced: Michal Handzus and Ladislav Nagy. Michal Handzus has the worst hairstyle in the NHL but yet it is so awesome. I really hope he doesn't change it. I'm slightly worried about the injury that Handzus had last year and am just a bit scared that he may end up like Cloutier, although I'm not sure anyone could be as bad as Cloots was last year. He hasn't played since late October. Interestingly enough, Handzus, Nagy, and Kyle Calder, the last player to be signed today, have all been traded with each other or for one another. Handzus and Nagy played in St. Louis together and both were traded to Phoenix. Prior to last season, Handzus was traded from Philly to Chicago for Kyle Calder.

Ladislav Nagy has it in him to be a good playmaker. I wonder if he'll play with Handzus or Kopi.

At first I was disappointed that we signed Kyle Calder because I knew that he didn't do too well in Philly. But then I looked at his career stats and noticed that Philly was really an offseason for him and it probably was because he was with Philly.

I'm getting tired so he's my quick wrap up. I'm happy with what DL did today. We got some great players for not an ungodly amount of money and I can't wait till the season starts so I get to see my new team!!


Steph said...

Calder didn't have a great run with Detroit either - but he started out looking good, and the word is he broke his hand/wrist/something close to the start of the playoffs which explains his relative ineffectiveness and super low minutes. I'm not really sad to lose him but I don't think at all that he's a terrible pickup for you either. Good luck!

Margee said...

Handzus is just screaming for a makeover, isn't he? I bet you could rehab that hair, kms2. LA will be good for him.

KMS2 said...

S: I'm hoping that Calder just had an off-year last season.

M: Time spent in LA does help some guys. Kopitar started off looking like the scarecrow but fixed that hair by the middle of the season (I'm looking forward to the new profile pic). I wouldn't mind if Handzie kept the long hair but he could use a lesson in frizz control.

Isleschick said...

At least your team made signingS :(

KMS2 said...

IC: yes, good point. I was getting worried at the end of the first day. But don't lose hope yet for the Islanders. Anything can happen between now and the start of the season.