Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Protein Sports Drink

At my local gym a new sports drink was handed out. Since I didn't have my Nalgene with me I gladly accepted the free drink, Accelerade. The label is busy, cluttered with tons of information about the drink and why it's so different from normal sports drinks. The first thing that caught my eye was that it contained protein. It was advertised as consisting of 4 parts carbohydrates to 1 part protein. When I was younger and played soccer I was big fan of Gatorade because I really felt that it rehydrated me and gave me an extra sugar boost that water just didn't accomplish. Now that I am occassional treadmill runner I don't feel the need to pay for Gatorade or Powerade when I can drink for free. Therefore, I didn't care one bit that I was drinking something with protein in it. However, what did catch my eye, just before I ended my warm-up walk, was a fine print warning on the side: "Allergen Information: Contains milk".

WHAT?! Milk in a sports drink?

I quickly scanned the ingredients and noticed that it contains "whey protein isolate (from milk)". I'm not quite sure what that means, but my best guess is that it is some sort of powder that you obtain from milk. It also contains lactic acid. As I kept drinking Accelerade I noticed that it had some weird, but yet familiar, aftertaste. What was that sort of powdery, chalky taste?

It took me almost an hour to finally figure out what it tasted like: Gatorade +

Those that have been fortunate enough to have tasted the amazingness of Calpis know what I mean. Calpis is a Japanese uncarbonated soft drink. I grew up with it and remember it coming in a tall glass bottle that was wrapped in white paper with blue dots. The bottle contained the concentrated Calpis stuff and you poured it into a glass and added cold water. I would always add a little extra to make it a bit sweeter and then my mom would always yell at me for putting too much in and warning me that I would get fat from all the sugar I ate. Anyway, the Calpis company also markets its brand, mainly in the US, as
Calpico, most likely due to its original name that sounds like "Cow Piss". I don't blame the company for making the switch because I had to endure laughs from my white devil friends who just didn't understand what they were missing. There is also a Calpis/Calpico soda that is carbonated and tastes better than the concentrate stuff, but still has a sweet, milky flavor.

What I'm getting at is, if you mixed Gatorade or Powerade with Calpico you would get Accelerade. Now I want to buy Gatorade and Calpico, start mixing, and have a taste test.

I wonder if the major sports leagues will begin to feature the new sports drink. Since Gatorade probably locked up JS Giguere for the rest of his career, I wonder who will be the next NHL sports drink whore.


Shmee said...

You know Sidney is all over promotions...

KMS2 said...

Oh yeah, Sidbits is a total advertisement whore. He could sign a contract with the Pens for the league minimum and probably still end up making more than anyone in the league just off ads.

Isleschick said...

The only free thing they have at my rip off gym is Shampoo samples. :)

KMS2 said...

This was actually the only time I got anything for free. I'm not even sure my gym gives out free shampoo samples!