Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Monday!

How did I miss this? I’m not sure how I managed to miss the news of the New Jersey Devils taking Noah Clark off the Kings’ shoulders. Apparently it was mashed in the news of 5 other signings by the Devils, which may be why Clark’s signing did not garner as much attention. This almost makes Zeiler’s re-signing with the Kings bearable.

I realize it might not be such a great thing for me to slam Kings’ players but I don’t think Clark had much future with the Kings. For whatever reason(s) I just did not see the contribution from him that needed to be there for him to be an effective player on the Kings’ roster, which is why
this article misleads its readers by stating that Clark split 3 of his 4 seasons between the AHL and NHL. While Clark was, in fact, called up to play in the NHL, over three seasons he only played in 20 games with the Kings, including 5 during the ’05-’06 campaign when players were dropping like flies due to injuries.

Clarke has been a very solid and consistent player throughout college and in the AHL so hopefully he can continue his strong play with the New Jersey’s farm team. Additionally, despite all the smack I lay on Clarke, I do wish him the best and hopefully he’ll be able to find his niche within the Devils’ roster and be able to average more than 7 games/season in the NHL. You never know how a player will take to a trade and a lot of times it seems that a player who has struggled with one organization will flourish with another. It would be great to see a California native do well in the NHL and with that, I bid Clarke good-bye and wish him nothing but success with the Devils.

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